Possessor Uncut Review: It translates body horror in the 80s into a resurrection of the sword of fear

The executor of a film is adapted and indisputable. As “Possessor Uncut,” Brandon Cronenberg appears for the bar set by his father.

The theater business is kicking the bucket:

To the while simultaneously, at the very last moment. The ticket which deals are filled with stage films. The classifications with ridiculous stories that are outrageously and orderly.

Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor Uncut stands out in a year. With several notable deliveries and delights both science fiction and hate fans.

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The film was released “in full” in Canada and the United States. Not to be an R-rated adaptation in certain countries. Trust me. This film can feature the nickname “Ganz.”

Brandon Cronenberg had big shoes to fill as a son of renowned Canadian film producer David Cronenberg. A master of 80s art such as the Videodrome and The Fly. Young Cronenberg did not disappoint. He honored his father’s legacy by adopting his father’s torch to age.

Possessor Uncut follows a secret techno professional assassin:

Tasia (Andrea Reisboro), who is hired to kill the rich and extraordinary. She wears a protective cap that pulls away from her brain. By resembling a 90s anime and transfers her knowledge to the body of a surrogate mother. He takes the reins to create wild and relentless demonstrations of savagery against the world’s elite.

When the first insight takes revenge, the character becomes blurry, and reality becomes blurred. The pace of the whip moves the audience from calm discomfort to crunchy bones.

Possessor Uncut is an alarming film, both for its bizarre brutality and spirituality. Tasha’s knowledge isn’t specific, but it flickers, causing dangerous behavior. In making her pay attention to cruel worldly traits that can invade viewers’ minds.

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The film’s neon-fueled dread is amplified by the Jim Williams aerial soundtrack. Which broadcasts unusual synthesizer scenes with sparse and moderate acoustic harmonies.

In terms of style, the Possessor Uncut is a knockout hit.

However, action film elevates it to another level of value. The single that was released was Jennifer Jason Lee, who is usually a thief on the show.

In Possessor Uncut, he got the most coveted traits from his serene and bizarre performance. At the Annihilation 2018 but gave the audience nothing he’d never seen before.

After all, the two artists who shared Tasya’s work, Andrea Reisboro and Christopher Abbott, had excellent exhibits. Riseborough plays a mysterious woman (like her character in Mandy from 2018). Who delivers a partially insensitive presentation without losing part of the movement, an evil spirit.

Christopher Abbott moves between limited and nuanced sensations and disturbing shocks. Both of them are certainly artists who only tremble when drilling.

Possessor Uncut is part of a video by Cronenberg Sr. and part of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. Cronenberg makes sensual brain films that fascinate audiences with his eerie yet lively style.

I hope this film will try to wait longer in its climate. So that the world can have more opportunities to breathe and wake up. I realized that the saying used to be that “the toning will be ideal”.

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At the same time, in this situation, the terrifying world of Possessor Uncut. It could win with slightly longer hours of work. For such an expressive film.

All of this is very interesting, well done, and presented, although it has a very Cronenberg-ian cold and clinical edge. But it can keep the audience at your fingertips.

Except for violence. Knife stabbing, shooting, poker (use your imagination). Everything is here. The stem is exploding. A strong stomach is needed. If you don’t have one, use someone else’s.