Police used water cannons to disperse protests of AAP workers in Punjab

On Saturday, police used water cannons to disperse AAP workers. They forced Punjab Prime Minister Amaranter Singh’s residence in SIVAN to be brought here to “Gero” in protest at the frequent stops. Protesters from the Aam Aadmi (AAP) party, led by their Punjab leader and MP Bhagwant Mann, chanted slogans against the congressional government over the electricity shortage.

Police were deployed, and multi-layered barricades were erected on the road leading to the prime minister’s farm.

As dozens of AAP workers with party flags marched through the first-tier to second-tier barricades, the police used water cannons to disperse them. Several of the demonstrators’ turbans fell in close combat. Police arrested several AAP executives who were later released.

Police then ordered about two dozen AAP leaders, including Mann, opposition leader Harpal Cheema, and four MLA parties, to hold a large gathering/protest near CM’s farmhouse. Registered processes under Section 188 of the IGC and 51(A) of the Civil Protection Act against 23 names and 200 unidentified persons.

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Punjab is in full swing with unprecedented power gridlock as urban and rural areas face long hours of workload in the scorching heat.

The Punjab government has ordered a shortening of the tenure of government agencies and a reduction in the energy supply for the high energy industry.

The government led by Amarinder Singh has come under fire from the opposition for not providing enough electricity for consumers, especially unshelled producers, to grow crops.

AAP leaders have previously denied that the Congressional government “failed” to provide the public with less expensive 24-hour electricity.

Mann turned to the demonstrators and said they had gathered to express his 2.75 million euros “sadness” from Punjab to the prime minister, who was “sleeping in his farmhouse”. He said Punjab’s electricity was “the most expensive” in the country at 10 rupees per unit.

He said that people were forced to take the dharani to the streets. In the hot sun because of the blackout. MP Sanggur also said that Singh should turn to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to solve farmers’ problems and repeal the three “black laws”.

Farmers are protesting three agricultural laws passed last year. The opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly, Harpal Singh Cheema, claimed that the treasury had been “looted” by a private energy company.

He claimed that Singh had not kept his election promises or ended the “Mafia” rule. “Even today, people in Punjab suffer from expensive sand, gravel, electricity, gasoline and diesel,” he added.

The protest was attended by deputy opposition leader Saravjit Kaur Manuke, MLA boss Budram, Baldinder Kaur, Culvant Singh Pandora, Rupinder Kaur Ruby, Baldev Singh, Manjit Singh Bilaspur and party secretary-general Bachand Siarg.

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Protests come with a background of severe power shortages in urban and rural areas that cause hours of release loads in the hot heat.

To overcome the lack of power, the Punjab government ordered a reduction in the state government office timing. It also reduces the power supply to the industry that consumes high energy. The government also faced criticism from the opposition because they claimed that the government failed to provide a sufficient power supply to rice farmers.

The AAP parliamentarians said that on ₹ 10 per unit, the highest electricity level in the country. AAP MP Mann said that the minister’s chairman was sleeping while citizens were forced to sit in Dharna in the hot heat.