Delhi-NCR region will face an early and quite an aggressive monsoon really soon: says IMD

Delhi and adjacent areas tend to witness lightning storms, moderate rainfall in the next 2 hours, said the Meteorology Department of India (IMD). The weather department states, the storm with light to the light intensity with wind 40-50 KPJ will occur and an area side by side from all Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgram Ghaziabad, Noida, more incredible 2 hours, for the next 2 hours.

Meanwhile, an IMD official on Friday has notified that Southwest Monsoon is likely to reach Delhi on June 15, 12 days before the date is June 27. Usually, Monsoon reaches Delhi on June 27 and covers the entire country on July 8.

“The condition is beneficial for the initial onset. It (rainy season) can reach Delhi on June 15 this time,” Kuldeep Srivastava, Head of the Regional Forecasting Center IMD, said, “Light of lightweight rainfall predicted in the capital for the next three days.”

He also told PTI, in 2008 too, the wind system had reached Delhi on June 15.

The low pressure area is located above the West Bay Bengal. It is likely to move across Odisha, Jharkhand, and North Chhattisgarh for the next three to four days, said IMD.

A trough flows from South Punjab to the center of this low pressure area. Also, western-west solid winds apply along the west coast and offshore troughs located off the west coast. This condition tends to last for five to six days ahead.

“Under this favorable meteorological condition, Southwest Monsoon tends to advance throughout the country outside the Rajasthan and Kutch Gujarat regions for the next five-six days,” said IMD.

Srivastava said most considered three factors to declare the arrival of the rainy season in an area. After which made onset in Kerala) – expanded rainfall in a large area. It predicted more precipitation for the next three to four days, and the east wind, an east wind, and east wind.

He also said this was the first time since 2014 that Delhi had not recorded the heatwave in the summer. Western disorders that often make Mercury at check in April and May. Also, the Tauktae cyclone caused a rain record last month, he said.

In Haryana, these parts include Barwala, Hansi, Siwani, Fatehabad, Bhiwani, Rohtak, KosLi, Jhajjar, Kharkoda, Medam, Charchi-Dadri, Kurukshetra, Faridabad, Bhiwadi, Farukhnagar, Rajound, Gohan, Gannaur, Samalkha, Assandh, Panipat, Tohana, Narwana, Kaital, Jind, and Ratiia.

The same weather conditions have been predicted to Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Baghpat, Baralut, Khekra, Cairana, and Shamli at Uttar Pradesh.

Senior IMD official said on Friday that Southwest Monsun would likely reach Delhi on June 15. In a state of ordinary, southwest Monsoon reaches Delhi-NCR on June 27 every year.

According to the annual pattern, Monsoon reached Delhi on June 27 and covered all of India on July 8.

“Under this favorable meteorological condition, Southwest Monsoon is likely to advance throughout the country outside Rajasthan and Kikch Gujarat area for the next five-six days,” said IMD in a statement on Friday.