“Penguin Town” Review: Distocrental Netflix tells interesting stories about the life of birds

Six months hot! One wild colony! There is no rule! “With the reality tagline of the show-esque, the Penguin Town Netflix seems to be a fun touch of the Natural Aristocrat.

They are even drawn in the comedian Patton Oswalt to tell. Penguin City follows the adventure of the African Penguin wild cast. Over the walking series, dramatic events Revealed, attracting spectators for emotional trips with endangered birds.

The series followed the African Penguin journey:

When they hit the land on the edge of Simon, South Africa. Here the birds turned it on between “giants” (human aliases) of the city, tracing their feathers related to their partners and hopefully raising a few hatches before they left.

It might sound like a spring holiday for penguins, but their time on the beach is nothing but a vacation. This penguin against predators on land and in the sea. Efforts to survive the weather events of the disaster. All with the hopes that their species will survive and develop.

Penguin Town caught this amazing bird trip with a fun camera engineering and placement. They hid the camera in their nest to approach hatching. They dive into the sea with a “raft” (a group of penguins in water). Like a bird, we hunt food and avoid predators like white sharks and seals.

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At one point, they tie the camera to the actual penguin to get an almost virtual reality swimming experience. When following penguins on land. The cameras are striped in similar movements. Overall, this is standard filmmaking, but there is a light quality that helps welcome us in this unique bird world.

Penguin actors can compete with every performance of more common reality costs.

There is a steady partner, Bougainvilleas – they have married together for years, walking straight to their homes under African bushes. There was a trench, a new partner. Who struggled to find a home-friendly home. The books are luxurious penguins, making their homes in a lush garden on great plantations.

Most importantly, the couple sharing the same time covering eggs, trading between fish hunting, and returning to the nest. Maybe we “giants” must note about the progressive parenting of this tuxedo bird.

The star of the show is a junior penguin, a young child who has a fair obstacle. He was saved when he failed to be molt and was taken to rehabilitation. Where he was found he had several seal bites that tried to recover. Junior is a young hero who ties the show, and his hero travel will melt anyone’s heart.

Patton Oswalt told the Penguin Town. He is known as the perfect narrator for this series:

Balancing the drama and humor of birds. He rejoices when Bougainvilleas hatches two eggs. He made fun of penguin parking cars, a single group of “jackass” penguins that aggressively attacked other people in the parking lot. Oswalt also knows when to retreat, like when speaking sharply in juniors. “It’s hard to heal and grow new feathers at the same time.” Oswalt knew how both jokes landed. And pulled carefully during the sentimental moment in the Penguin Town.

A fair warning in Penguin Town. There is a reason for Penguin Africa threatened with extinction. Fight wild animals, humans, and Mother Nature took victims in some of our beloved bird cast.

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The event has some dark moments. It functions as a striking reminder that these birds, while Comical sometimes, still face difficult obstacles. Even with Covid Lockdowns.

The birds were not safe because while humans lived inside, wild animals and large predators followed Simon City. They perched against the opportunity, and those who came out at the other end appeared stronger for it. For those who settled to watch Penguin Town. Be prepared to cry happy and sad. Due to the pleasant winged ensemble.