One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date and Expected Plot

One-Punch Man is a popular Japanese anime series with a massive fan following. The season 2 received a lot of hype last year because fans were waiting for the second installation for four years. Now that season 2 is over; all eyes are desperately waiting for season 3 of the catchy anime. Additionally, the hope is that the wait for One Punch Man 3 will not last three or four years. Here’s what Bullet News knows about the fan-favorite anime.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

The long delay between the first two seasons of One Punch Man was courtesy of a change in the animation team and studio. Any change in the setup for the next season is as unlikely as the end of DBZ. Therefore, One Punch Man season 3 should be complete before 2020 ends. It is safe to assume that the studio will air the anime’s Japanese episodes in early 2021. However, the English counterparts will arrive in mid-2021. There is a small catch in the story, though, as the current change in the animation team and studio did not go well with the fans. Most hardcore fans want Shingo Natsume to return for the third season. If a reshuffling occurs, then the wait with uncertainty will start once again. 

One Punch Man Season 3 Expected Plot

Season 2 of One Punch Man was full of twists and furious action. Season 3 is no exception to the theme of powerful fights. If you watched the anime’s 2nd installment, you know that it ended with a feud between the Heroes and the Villian Associations. One Punch Man’s 3rd phase will continue the story with many one-on-one fights. We expect Heroes Association to launch a full-blown assault on the Villians. Every S-class hero will get their piece of pie and treat the fans with nail-biting action. However, our beloved, Saitama, will face the anime’s first anti-hero Garou. Saitama’s search for a worthy opponent will also take him closer to becoming the top hero. However, much of our insight is based on the manga versions. 

One Punch Man Season 3 Official Announcement

There is no official release date from the studio that handles the production of One Punch Man anime. After season 2, many fans were skeptical about the continuation of the series. The story’s advancements are so far showing a green light to the hopes of another installment. Moreover, the twitter handle of One Punch Man also teased the fans with a tweet that confirms the third season’s production. The fire is now heating up in the hearts of the fans of One Punch Man—every eye on the twitter handle for an official confirmation of One Punch Man season 3.