‘OK Computer’ review: Besides adopting an absurdist tone that will alienate virtually all kinds of audiences

There is a violent argument between cybercrime detective Saajan Kundu (Vijay Varma), a machine hater and loner. It’s his former partner Laxmi Suri (Radhika Apte).

Also a scientist for artificial intelligence, and his DCP boss over a possible AI revolution due to unsuccessful cases. Usual Case of a stranger being hit by a self-driving car – and from nowhere. We could hear voices are coming from the toilet being flushed.

Saajan’s colleague, Mona Lisa (very kind Kani Kusruti), a Malayalam with a predominantly Hindi workforce, joins them – almost apologetically. It was a surprise on stage, and I screamed with joy. This is a loophole that you slightly suspect – whether it will work out – until the very end.

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The first logical question that arises is:

Who has a toilet next to the workplace? But it’s the kind of dry humor that writers and directors. Puja Shetty and Neil Pagedar draw from their source material. It doesn’t make sense, yeah, but it’s so cute, oh boy.

Speaking of the jokes and how they landed, there is something. To be said about OK Computer’s main characters: Look at Varma, Radhika Apte, and Kani Kusruti.

The arrogant attitude they react to and convey with the right face, which amplifies the effect. The first three episodes, in particular, are carnival with dead wise humor.

There is a sexually fluid robotic messiah. A corpse named Pav Badji, and a nearly naked Jackie Schrof. A sect leader who survived the salvation of Homosapiens.

The six-episode series starts with a catch: Raat akeli hi and Saajan come to investigate an accident. From there, the jokes keep coming, and you want them to breathe. You don’t do it.

When Saajan came to the crime scene and said, “What am I doing here?” Mona Lisa Poker replied, “Sir, that’s an existential question we’ve been wrestling with for centuries”.

Kani Kusruti is truly fun to watch as it complements Saajan in a sense. He addresses her as a cute flight attendant with “serious accident aap ka swagat hai”.

Something about “accident” and “swagat” in the same sentence that rings the bell. After all, this is baggage. Even better when a police officer is afraid of public speaking. Says he prefers whispering in Saajan’s ear, and they almost kiss! This is also baggage.

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The first episode, titled Auto-Pilot, a parody of an investigative thriller:

A playful twist is given to the figures and characters. Saajan collects evidence (read: plastic bag) that convinces him of possible murder.

Orchestrated by a serious zip code for the company. While Laxmi describes him as a machine addict. Your search for the killer is a requirement for OK Computer.

There is something extraordinary about the way. The humor is really written about and on the show. It never wears out, even at last, weakest and looks discontinuous.

In India, you can no longer joke about real things. Comedy is no longer direct but suggestive. Of course, there are tons of sub-texts and cultural commentary on OK Computer. But what’s surprising is how consistently it makes you laugh.

For example, the entire episode is devoted to a bot named Ajeeb. He was once a famous character in most of India but is currently in exile after starting an alternative career in stand-up comedy.

When you introduced Ajeeb, you saw him approaching a large gathering, and he suddenly said, “Vehicle number XX is in the middle of the road. Can the owner take the car? “Or something like that.

Yelling is one thing, but understanding the basics is another. OK Computer’s builders understood the latter right. You can see the effort it takes to create a space that fits and makes a significant impact.

However, the main problem was that she had gotten too ambitious. It took the next episode too seriously. Which didn’t seem like her intention at all. The series tries too hard to do it.

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Overwhelmed by exciting ideas, underdeveloped characters, and ineffective backstories.

Once at OK Computer, Saajan said the problem with his colleague was, “Dimag aur sur donon karab hi.” I can say that the show’s strengths and weaknesses are “dimag” and “sur”.

The question is simple: Puja Sheti and Neil Pagedar have a unique vision, but somewhere they lose control of Sur. This is what tortures the show into a rare absurd comedy.

OK Computer is currently broadcasting Disney + Hotstar.