My Octopus Teacher A Marvelous Underwater Documentary: Introduction, Nominations, Release Date, Plot, And Other Details

My Octopus Teacher is an upcoming wildlife documentary film on Netflix. In addition to the octopus, the star of the show is Craig Foster and his incredible cameraman Roger DeakinsMoreover, Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed give outstanding direction to this scenic underwater world. As a team, they brought an entire world full of colorful and quirky animals into the light. Furthermore, we witness the wonders and brutality of nature in its natural habitat. 

For around at least eight years, near the coast of South Africa, the free diver Craig Foster explores the rare wildlife. Somehow, one day Craig’s life changes forever after his encounter with an octopus. 

In the Kelp forest, Craig forms an unexpected bond with a wild octopus. Then he observed this octopus daily and witnessed the ingenuity and quick wit of this octopus first hand. This explained to him that these species are for sure separated by millions of years of evolution from humans, but they have highly developed intelligence.

Introduction to My Octopus Teacher:

In this year’s film lineup, My Octopus Teacher is the most captivating film of them all. Above all, it already had sacked eight nominations in the Renowned Jackson Wild Media Award, i.e., one of the essential nature film competitions- worldwide.


This documentary film comes in the nomination for these eight following categories:

  1. For Best Ecosystem Film,
  2. Best People and Nature Film Long Form,
  3. and Best Science in Nature Film Long Form.
  4. For Best Feature Film,
  5. Best Cinematography,
  6. and Best Editing.
  7. For Best Original Music Score,
  8. and Best Audioscape.

Lisa SamfordExecutive Director of Jackson Wild, portrays the whole documentary as:

“A real world ‘Charlotte’s Web’ story that is filled with heart and drama and extraordinary beauty, My Octopus Teacher reminds us of the transformative power of love.”

Furthermore, In the history of The Jackson Wild Media Awards, it will be held virtually for the first time on Thursday, October 1, 2020. But the awards are a part of the function, and Jackson Wild Virtual Summit will be hosted online from September 28 to October 1, 2020.

Release Date for Netflix:

The Sea Change Project is an NGO, raising awareness of South Africa’s Kelp forest’s beauty and ecological importance to feature this documentary. They collaborated with the Netherlands, based Off the Fence Productions and Netflix.

The official release date of my Octopus teacher is September 7, 2020


The storyline of this documentary revolves around Craig Foster. Until, In search of a finding a purpose and re-energizing himself, he begins to dive daily in the deep and freezing-cold waters in the Kelp Forest of Africa. 

And one fine day, in one of these daily routine dives, he meets a new friend in the form of a curious octopus. To which, Craig describes the meeting as visiting and observing an alien. And he wanted to make a relationship with this octopus and discover more about its way of living. It took several months for them to develop the bond. But in the end, the octopus got close to him. Furthermore, it showed him how to live in some of the unexpected ways.

Recording an animal’s entire life is seldom achieved in the wild, let alone underwater. This documentary film is unremarkably beautiful. The shots exploring an undulating and strange alien like creature’s habits and personality took more than a year. More importantly, Craig claims this whole experience improved his physical as well as mental health!

Other Details:

This film is a proudly South African production that took about 10 years to explore and shoot the underwater world and further 4 more years to edit the program into its final finish.

The show will launch on September 7, 2020. 

  • Original score by Kevin Smuts
  • Sound design by Barry Donnelly
  • Post-production and Grade by Refinery- Cape Town

Many viewers around the globe are already looking forward to this documentary film. It has some of the most incredible and extraordinary underwater scenes. Moreover, What this will teach us is unimaginable!