Members of Parliament (India) questions the Twitter on the organizational structure, and about their accountability

There is a robust cross-party convergence at the standing parliamentary committee meeting on information technology about the need for Twitter to comply with Indian laws even when members question social media giants on the structure of their organizations and accountability in India.

Committee members, led by the Shashi Tharoor Congress members, clamping Indian Twitter officials. About what they feel is the answer to the transfer for questions. About whether the US company respects Indian law and the power of decision making from the Indian office.

The discussion in the committee came after the delay of Twitter appointed officials to overcome complaints below the new rules issued by the government, and the row of his decision to mark confident BJP handles as “manipulated media” to tweet the Congress “Toolkit” to print the government’s allegations. Nishikant Dubey, who was questioned Ask why Twitter failed to mark the “manipulated media”, a recent video from a Ghaziabad man who accused the attack, even though there was clarification from the police that the victim had made a false claim.

This was demonstrated that the areas marked by Twitter Cell Chief BJP Amit Malviya’s Tweet as a “manipulated media” suggested that the platform played “editor, not intermediaries”. Other MPS participating in discussions, including Trinamool’s Mohua Moitra and BJP Rajyavardhan Rathore.

The response of “vague” Twitter led members to accuse not respecting the house panel.

Asked specifically whether it was respected by Indian law, Public Policy Manager of the Indian Twitter Shagufta Kamran and Ayushi Kapoor legal counsel said they respected Indian law and Twitter policy evenly.

In a statement after the discussion, the Twitter spokesman said, “We appreciate the opportunity to share our views before the committee remains on information technology. Twitter stands prepared to work with important work committees to protect the rights of citizens online in line with the principle of transparency, freedom of expression and Privacy. We will also continue to work with the Indian government as part of our shared commitment to serve and protect public conversation. ”

The explanation offered by Indian Twitter officials said the source, linking delays in appointing officials to Pandemic Coronavirus, failed to impress parliamentarians because there was no timeline shown when the company would comply with the rules of digital media that recently told, 2021.

Without an apparent response, the house panel requested a Twitter representative to submit written responses in 15 days about compliance and at what kind of authority held by the Indian chapter. Requests reflect fears that Indian Twitter often claims that important decisions are taken in the US, and that technical matters are also on servers located in America.

“When tweets are labeled as a manipulated medium before the institution’s investigation resolves their investigation, Twitter issued an assessment and acts as being an editor. If the platform do claims to be an intermediary, it really cannot do this,” said a member of the panel.

The panel also asked Twitter why it was not fined because it was found “violating” the country’s rules, mainly because it could not declare the timeline with it would ensure compliance with the rules of digital media.