Sunil Jakhar, Head of the Punjab Congress, and two MLA, openly demanded that the “suggested” movement rolled back

The CM of Punjab Amarinder Singh had been trapped in controversy after the Country Cabinet approved a job for the son of two MLA. However, after the opposition, now the Head of the Sunil Jakhar Punjab Congress and two MLA parties have questioned their government’s decision to provide work to the son of two legislators and urged Amarinder’s minister’s head to sigh roll back the “not recommended” movement.

However, the Chairman of the Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh has defended the decision to appoint Arjun Pratap Singh Bajwa as Inspector in Punjab Police and Bhisham Pandey as Naib Tehsildar in the Revenue Department on “Compassion”.

“There are no questions to cancel the decision #punjabinet about work for the son 2 @incunjab mlaas. It’s just a small gratitude & compensation for the sacrifice of their family. It’s a shame that some people give political color to this decision. ‘ : @capt_amarinder, “according to a Tweet by CM Media Advisor.

“I failed to see the reason for removing officers in my government under political pressure. Each of them did a very good job for the country, and I needed them to continue to help my government fulfill all the delayed promises that we made people Punjab ‘: @Capt_amarinder, “said another tweet.

Bajwa and Pandey are the sons of Qadian Mla Fateh Jung Singh Bajwa and Ludhiana Legislator Rakesh Pandesh. Terrorists had shot their grandfather during the days of the Punjab Militants. They were quoted as land for compassion to make them blocked, employees of the class B government, even though they became children of the powerful MLAS party.

In addition to Jakhar, the legislator of Congress Kulajit Nagra and Amrinder Singh Raja Garring also expressed displeasure at that step. In a cabinet meeting held on Friday, five ministers – Sukhjinder Randhawa, Tripe Rajinder Singh Bajwa, Sultana Raid, Charanjit Singh Channi and Sukhbinder Sarkaria – also studied to oppose this step.

Already, opposition parties criticize the decision. However, the hour after facing criticism, Amarinder Singh was still not affected and confirmed no questions to cancel the decision.

But after the CM statement, the Head of the Sunil Jakhar Punjab Congress urged Amarinder Singh to cancel the appointment “which was not recommended” in a more significant public interest.

Even when he underlined the fact that it was the moral duty of the nation and the government to be careful in everything the fighter of freedom and those who gave their country’s life, Jakhar said it would not be worthy of the promise to be made on a loving reason in the same league,

Jakhar, in a statement, said certain selected representatives who treat their own families were inappropriate to get the same consideration as those caused by those who made the highest sacrifice for the nation.

“The Chairman of the Captain Amarinder Singh Ji must reverse the suggested decisions,” Jakhar said, warning of the potential accusations of nepotism and political wisdom.

“The decision was also in my view of the ethos and the neutrality culture followed by Amarinder Singh. And the overall Congress Party,” he said.

Congress Mlaas Kulajit Nagra said he did not support this decision. “I urge the cabinet and cm that this decision must be remembered by remembering the future of youth and CM must call a cabinet meeting to reverse this step,” said Nagra.

Gidderbaha Mla Amrinder Singh King Garring appealed to Fateh Jung Bajwa and Rakesh Pandey not to accept this job for their sons.

Meanwhile, the Shiroman Akali Dal urged the Governor of Punjab to dismiss the Congress Government by taking the notification of Suo Moto about the case of CM allegedly “buying the loyalty of the Congress legislator to” save his chair by distributing their jobs illegally “.

Sad leader Bikram Singh Majithia said that if the Governor did not take action, the President had to immediately record the “unconstitutional” promise and dismiss the Amarinder Singh government immediately.