Prime Minister Modi’s J&K meeting plans to get a very careful & cautious reception

A reception that was careful to plan Prime Minister Narendra Modi met political leaders from Jammu and Kashmir later this month to hope that consultations might be the first step towards assembly elections in the state.

At this point, regional parties, including PDP, national conferences, and people’s conferences, were cautious in assessing the initiative’s implications and highlighting the centrality of their demands, such as state recovery. Some parties want a complete recovery of pre-5 August 2019 status J & K. However, the demand for the state is expected to be a vital element of the election campaign.

Every discussion about the current selection is the future scenario because the restriction commission must first submit its recommendations for the new MLA and Lok Sabha constituency.

The Commission has been seeking input from district officials on demographic and geographical inconsistencies in the restriction process. In addition, political parties previously did not stay away and now will be given another opportunity to engage with the Commission.

Parties and political leaders at J & K continue to debate whether state “restoration” will mean the status of centre of the entire state will maintain the office (law & order) UT under control. The CPM party and APNI are the first to advance stunning the preliminary decision.

Two years after Article 370 was removed, the alternative to PDP, NC and Congress had obtained several tractions in the Muslim majority Kashmir, especially after Panchayat polls. “People at grassroots have tacted real power for the first time and now say in determining their own development agenda,” said the Head of the APNI Bukhari Altaf Party.

Sajjad, the only People’s Conference and Yousuf Tarigami from CPM and Gupkar Alliance’s organizers confirmed that they received a PM meeting in New Delhi at 3 pm on June 24. Bukhari, Congress, and CPM said the negotiations were an encouraging step. Open a traffic discourse that is jammed with the centre.

The head of PDP, Mehbooba Mufti, said he got a call about all the parties met at J & K next week. He said the political affairs committee of his party would be intentional about this problem on Sunday. The source in PDP said Mehbooba had a booking about joining all-party meetings because it was an exercise to show international opinions that political discourse had begun.

PDP’s request has become a recovery of article 370. NC Patron Farooq Abdullah said, “So far, we have not received a formal invitation for the conversation. If we get an official invitation, we will first decide to sit and discuss the strategy to be adopted for the meeting.”

Yonus Tarigami from CPM, Head of Congress Ga Mir, and Bukhari Party APNI was interested in talks. “The solution to the problem of J & K is located in New Delhi, not Islamabad or London. So Delhi’s invitation is the development of welcome,” Bukhari said.

“This is an opportunity to restore state,” he said, hoping for the announcement to the initial poll will attend the PM meeting. Meanwhile, the centre on Saturday released Uncle Mufti Sartaj Madni from detention. This came as soon as MMA officials named Mufti invited him to meet PM.