Mayans M C Season 3: Release Date, Cast details and Expected Plot.

The Popular show, Mayans M.C. is a crime drama series. The second season completed in an entirely different format than expected. Kurt Sutter and Elgin James create the series.

In the previous season, we have seen Mayans’ toughest gang, lots of blood, and the war against the bonds.

Previously season 1 aired in September 2018, following its second season in September 2019, and soon we are expected to get a third season. Episodes are available on F.X. tv.

Both the season had a total of 20 episodes. Before ending the second season, F.X. renewed the series for a third season considering their love and positive critics’ expanding fans.

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Mayans M.C. Season 3 Release date:

Mayans M.C. Season 3 officially announced in November 2019; if we see the previous series release pattern season, three should air in before the end of September 2020.

But due to the ongoing global pandemic led to many postpones, The show might get delayed. But there is no official statement by the creators yet. Fans and followers are eagerly waiting for the Mayans M.C. As per the previous release dated season 3 is expected to be released before 2020 end.

Mayans M.C. Season 3 Cast details :

The following stars might return in Season 3:

a. Carla Baratta will play Adelita’s role, the leader of Los Olvidados, and her family in her youth.

b. Michael Irby as Bishop, President of the Mayan M.C.

c. Sarah Blogger will play Emily Thomas, E.Z., the wife of Miguel Galindo, and Cristobal’s mother.

d. Clayton Carden will play Angel Reyes, E.Z.’s older brother, and the secretary of the club.

e. J.D. will play Ezekiel Felipe’s son and member of Mayan’s M.C.

f. Danny Pino plays Miguel Galindo, the successors of Galindo Cartel and Jose

g. Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes,father of Miguel.

h. Raul as Taza, Richard Carbel as Coco, Emilio Rivera as Alvarez, Ray Mckinnon as potter will be seen in the season 3.

Expected Plot details :

Well, season 3 will deliver high voltage drama and deadly war against rivals. In season 3, we will get ten episodes, the same as previous seasons. The whole plot is focused on the American protagonist E.Z. whose dream gets blown out by the cartel forces.

The story revolves around his struggles, Challenges that he has to face in his journey between U.S. – Mexican border. Season 2 gave us a shocker where we notice a dead person with an out identity. It is  hard to conclude, according to the story’s conclusion.

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