Marko Stout: One Of The Most Praised Artists From New York

Marko Stout is a name that is becoming very popular in the plucky pop style of NY. Marko loves keeping a low profile and people will tell you that he is a true rebel of the industry. His creative approach is not hard to fathom when we look at a lot of his trademark looks. Marko Stout is famous for rocking stuff like vintage sunglasses, marvelous hats, and black cloths, they define his unique looks.

Marko Stout’s style is easily recognizable and unique, especially when he is hanging out at clubs, high-end events in the community, and art galleries. A look into Marko’s ethics will make you realize that his amazing metal paintings are a result of the inspiration from models’ photographs. Most people consider his work near perfection due to this reason. Marko is able to get a modern and vibrant look in his work by fusing it with aerospace-grade aluminum.

Marko Stout the pop art legend

New York pop artist Marko Stout

You can say, many artists are born with a silver spoon and are sure of making it in the industry without even entering it, however, Stout had a very humble beginning. His close neighbor was a retired roadie and Stout spent a great part of his early life hanging out with him in a houseboat. This neighbor trained from the Art Institute Of Chicago and Marko developed an interest in art due to his influence.His neighbor owned an art gallery and this gave him more exposure to art.

A huge factor for Marko’s interest in art was his relationship with his neighbor. Unfortunately, Stout’s neighbor passed away one day due to a morphine overdose. Of course, Stout felt lonely after that and the way for him to cope with it was art. So, Stout decided to follow his passion for art and the rest is just history.

Marko is one of the most inspirational and influential artists in New York and what makes it clear is the fact that a lot of people can relate to his work. The reason behind this can be the inspiring pieces of art that Stout has crafted in recent years. Not only the Yankees but people from all over the world, especially collectors, started appreciating his work and this gave him more recognition and exposure.

It seems like Marko Stout keeps getting better and better with every year that passes. More and more people have come to recognize and appreciate his work. Not only art enthusiasts and collectors, but a lot of celebrities such as Snooki and Charlie Sheen appreciate his art.