Lulli Review: Where Medical Students Can Read Minds After A Weird Accident

Lulli (Larissa Manoela) makes her dream come true. After working hard, he is now studying surgeon with his girlfriend Diego (Vinicius Red) and best friend Vanessa (Amanda de Godoy). No one believed him, but he was here with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Lulli is very arrogant and selfish despite her good intentions and only listens to her concerns. This lack of attention and care was evident when she ordered shrimp, and Diego went into anaphylactic shock. And he breaks it up with her in the ambulance. (She had told him more than once that she was allergic). The two work hard together at the hospital the next day. And are electrocuted from a faulty MRI machine through a series of bizarre events.

As a result of the accident:

Lulli actually discovers that she can hear people’s thoughts when they touch her, and Diego has short-term amnesia. They happily accept things as if they had never been apart. And Lulli uses her newfound skills to excel in her research and medical diagnosis. Although all is well and Lulli seems to have changed. It is evident that the lies she told Diego and her newfound invasive hearing skills are untenable. With life and the future on the map. Lulli must learn what matters (with or without the help of this new sixth sense).

Vinicius Red is a complete dream ship like Diego, Lulli’s big-spirited friend. Despite being isolated for the sake of Lulli’s friends and other heroics for most of the film. Her chemistry with Larissa Manoela is undeniable, and she melts hearts when she’s on-screen. Diego is actually a very big part of why Lulli works; it is his relationship with the title character. That made him realize how stupid he had been all along. And his journey to realizing what he wanted all to do with his life. Despite his father’s hopes was one of few relative goods. It develops the storyline in the film. Red has a natural and charming presence on screen. And I left Lulli to watch him do a romcom or two.

Lulli works in many ways;

Very interesting, the cast is fantastic, and the message in his heart is essential. Unfortunately, this film hits the gas too early, doesn’t give up. And takes us through various side roads that don’t add much to the story. As a result, the film and its characters seem shallow and backward. But seem like a half-hearted attempt to attack people. The curvature of Lulli’s character is inappropriate; He sucks when we meet him, and after his accident, it takes a bit to become a decent person. As a result, most of the development is insufficient. With minor changes to the script, the main story will be louder for 90 minutes of screen time. Instead, Luly seems more interested in cramming as much into that window. As she can, and as a result, the more critical components of the film suffer.

With all that said, Lulli is undeniably worth a look; Larissa Manoela is a star. Earlier this year, she showed us her glamorous charisma in The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student. And is just as fun to watch as Lulli (despite her very uncomfortable character). The world is also fascinating, armed with a captivating ensemble that makes each scene different. Only if they were given time to be full heroes instead of getting dressed. Lulli is flat and predictable despite all her charm, easy to take down, but doesn’t make an impression until the credits change.

While the cast is fun and the world is fascinating, Lulli feels rushed and shallow. By offering us rough character sketches and a half-sculpted storyline.