Love J Action Review: This series tells the story of a man who chases a woman who is working on another problem

Thus leaving the shackles of a violent home for a free world. Among them is the sight of maniacs who do not buy things but rather pick them up with weapons.

Did you find anything new in these three lines? Well, I’ve seen the show, and I know the show is a little new but is it enough? All right, let’s judge that.

The latest offering from Sony Liv Love J Action starring Anud Singh Dhaka. The actor, made headlines on the show hassle-free, even as he wrote the downgrades.

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The Star cast and Crew

Anud Singh Dhaka, Kangan Baruah Nangia, Rohit Chaudhary, PuruChibber, and Ensemble.

Love J Action Review: What is it All About?

boy from Lucknow (Jackson, also known as Anud) falls in love at first sight with a girlKamya, also known as Kangan from a respected family. On the other hand, Kamya is married, and Jackson. They must keep his love from entering another offensive relationship. The motives also vary. How it develops and what causes it to become active.

It doesn’t often happen that I start this section with Show:

But that’s what makes Love J Action such an interesting experience. It was great to see Anud Singh Dhaka directing the show as Jackson, the previous title.

After loving her at the TajMahal in 1989, I was ready for her eccentricity, and she offered it too. But with a sense of realism. He creates the characters we all see and relate to.

Puru Chibber became a bad guy easily, and Kangan. Who had to show several nuances, got the job done. The show’s story, which promises to be a romantic thriller, is nothing new.

Even that skeleton is, one might say, the most important thing we’ve seen. The show at least teased the audience a lot that they were staying for the actors.

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Don’t forget that there are tense scenes.

For example, when the police interrogated Jackson in the first episode, he fell apart. Or when Jackson saved Kamya. However, this is a small installment of a show that will require a large investment.

Another plus is that creator director Saurab Tevari knows that his story is not something the world has ever seen.

So it speeds up when cliches pop up. It saves you from looking at the montage we’ve seen over the years. This also helps to create a better piece of intrigue as you won’t hang around too long at some point.

The prediction of all of this.

I can totally tell what next and who it was (except for the last revelation). To my horror, the camera even helped me by revealing many things about faces that I shouldn’t have (you’ll see). If the plot has been investigated and you add predictable notes to it. You’ll know the damage you’ve done.

The show is about a man chasing a woman working alone on another tangent. I understand that you are taking a line from a movie that talks about oppressed women.

And how they are torn to get out of this world. For example, Madhuri Dixit’s Dedh Ishqiya. How the guys over there are trying to control or control a woman. With her boyfriend (and you know who it is).

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But unlike Ischia’s grandfather, Love J Action doesn’t create depth of character, which has to be complicated. But complexity never seems to be; They look more like tone after the point. To do this, add a sudden transition that becomes annoying after a certain point.

Cameras and music also don’t add much to the experience. Which you should definitely have, as the two cities where the show is located are beautifully located.