“LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales” Review: Poe and BB-8 are taken to Darth Vader’s castle after landing in Mustafar’s accident

After last year’s LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, the same creative team is back with LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales. While there’s no canon Star Wars holiday like Halloween, this new animated event is avoided. And he relies on all the things that make up the dark side of power.

Action after the events of Skywalker Rise. History reveals that Poe Dameron (Jake Green) and BB-8 are cleaning up the galaxy of officials. When they defeated and destroyed the land where the ancient land of Darth Vader was trampled. , Mustafar.

While we are looking for your ship to repair:

The character discovers that Vader’s castle has been renovated. On a luxurious escape from the shack of Grabala (Dana Snyder). He offers his mechanic Dean (Rafael Alejandro) to repair Dameron’s X-Wing in exchange for approval for his resort.

And soon he finds his servant Vader Vane (Tony Hale) in a seemingly abandoned building. Visitors inspired Vane to share three memorial stories for Dark Force users, one for each of the Star Wars trilogy.

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Take advantage of Hale’s incredible singing talent. Wayne is an unusual and unreliable narrator (with an accurate reputation). He leads the group deeper into the castle with his interesting stories. The first is The Lost Boy, an expanded story about the origins of how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren. He borrows from the comic book series which is very good.

“The Fall of Kaylo Wren” and combines it with the hilarious parody of “The Lost Boys” to bring forth Wren (Christian Slater). Rennes Knight Leader. Slater rampages here against vampire villain Kiefer Sutherland David Powers. When Ren Ben turned to his dark side after the whole debate at the Jedi Temple. The story serves as an effective downfall of humanity. And film parodies on location, including saxophone solos.

For fans of the prequel there’s “The Dueling Monstrosities”:

Where Darth Maul (Sam Whitver) and General Grievous will be restored. Looking for Scordon’s sword for Darth Sidious. The jokes about his rebirth were great, but director Ken Cunningham took the opportunity to block as well. Choreographed Qnd amazing fight between two bad guys.

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All of them spoil the dark corners of mythology with great skill:

For some charming couple characters and smart twists from the familiar. Many callbacks and Easter eggs are woven into a special whole. Which also pays tribute to longtime fans. Or maybe because it’s a darker color. This quirky LEGO humor is fun and biting. Which helps maintain a spooky and shocking atmosphere.

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LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales is an advancement from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special in terms of humor and creativity. All three Star Wars trilogies receive strong stand-alone stories that highlight some of the most beloved Sith characters. And the overarching story of his relationship with Poe Dameron and Dean. Who laid the groundwork for unforgettable clashes with the bad guys that led to some special bets. He made a lot of money with my special annual rotation for Halloween.