Legacies Season 3: Release Date, Expected Plot and Cast

The long wait for the fans of the most prominent vampire family on TV is almost over. ‘Legacies’ is returning with a full season after the COVID roadblock in 2021. Along with every other show, the TV series is on pause from March because of the global pandemic. However, the break is like a cliffhanger for the fans that left everyone thirsty for more. It was an awkward roadblock to a smoothly sailing season 2. Now we are waiting for the series to come out of its sleeping spell. The CW president officially made a statement about the prime time shows returning from January 2021. So, there is some relief, but the doubt still looms. 

Release Date of Legacies Season 3

Starting from January 2021, we will hopefully receive the remaining season 2 in the form of a new season. The season 3 of Legacies will be a rebrand of the incomplete second season in that case. However, the production can surprise the fans by merging the two seasons and dropping Legacies season 3 to continue the unshot plot of season 2. It is evident from the CW president’s words that the delay in the shooting will be compensated. Therefore, the fate of the ‘Super Squad’ and ‘The Necromancer’ is not in the shadows anymore. We need to wait, but not more than the first half of 2021. We will update the specific date once an official statement is out.

Expected Plot of Legacies Season 3

In March 2021, season 2 was on a mystery run with Hope turning to stone and Landon dying. The Necromancer, on the other hand, is not mighty powerful because of Josie’s dark magic. Therefore, Legacies season 3 will take the series to an exciting roller coaster ride. Hope wants to keep all her friends safe. She will work with Dr. Saltzman to fight the monsters of Malivore Pit. The Necromancer is adamant about reviving the Malivore. If he succeeds, we will witness an even more intense battle. 

Additionally, fans are eagerly waiting for the “Musical” episode to pay tribute to the Originals and the Vampire Diaries. Season 2 was featuring this musical tribute in episode 19, but we only got 16 episodes because of the pandemic. The producer, Julie Plec, says the episode will return no matter what happens. So, there’s one thing that is sure about season 3. 

Legacies Season 3 Cast

There is no surprise in the casting department of Legacies season 3. Everyone alive in season 2 will continue appearing in season 3. Fans were hopeful of a cameo by Klaus Mikaelson via a therapy crystal. However, Joseph Morgan struck that off the list by saying that the story is already over for him. Our hope of seeing an Original in the Legacies now hangs by a thread of Caroline. The feature is implausible, but still, it’s better to keep our fan fantasies alive.