‘Lalbagh’ Film Review: Murder Mystery, Which is Lost in Misunderstanding

Poisoned Sarah Tom’s husband with food after a birthday party and police suspect it was an attempted murder. And they’re after the culprit.

A man is killed and reportedly killed, and while the killer is being chased, his marriage is autopsied.

In Mamtha Mohandas, directed by Prashanth Murali Padmanabhan with Lalbagh. The marriage of Sarah (Mamtha) and Tom (Sijoy Varghese) is at the centre of a story trying to find answers to a murder mystery. They are an average couple, but investigations shed one layer at a time in their relationship and personality. At least that’s what I thought.

This film has some actual human conflicts, plot twists that can keep the audience interested. There is a plot worthy of being presented by the beautiful frame of the city of Bengaluru. There’s also a curious mix of family drama and police investigations. That raises interesting questions about who to trust, who to bully, and the like.

However, in the critical first half of the film, which features a police investigation.

There are many essential explanations and conversations regarding the Kannada case between the doctor and the police! Yes, the action takes place in Bengaluru. But in this unsubtitled running series, the makers seem to forget that it’s still a Malayalam film.

Viewers have to wait for clues coming from unintentional English dialogue or familiar words to understand the process. When this incomprehensible dialogue is coupled with the acting of some mediocre cast. The film often boils down to ruthless business that can be exhausting to watch. However, Lalbagh can offer an exciting story for those who understand Malayalam and Kannada well.

Lalbagh story takes place in Bangalore city. Tom and Sarah are a happy couple. When Mamta Mohandas arrives as Sarah, Tom is played by Sijoy Vargese. Tom died after his daughter’s birthday party. Bangalore Police are investigating the cause of death, which cannot be ruled out as suicide or homicide. DCP Hedge (Rahul Dev Shetty) is in charge of investigating the case. Tom and Sarah’s friends who attended the party were clouded with suspicion.

The DCP Hedgehog Inquiry leads the audience on the secret behind this death.

The story revolves around interpersonal conflicts, the twists and turns of which annoy the audience. As the story unfolds in Bangalore, most of the conversations between the police and others take place in Canada. This gives the film an overall realistic feel. But it can feel like a step towards enjoyment for those who don’t understand Kannada.

Mamta beautifully portrays a character with many nuances. Mamta emerges as a stronger character in the second half than in the first. His character also distinguishes Shijoi Varghese. Other notable stars are Rahul Dev Shetty, Rahul Madhav, Neha Saxena, VK Prakash and Sudeep Karakat. Raj Zaharias produces the film under the banner of Lalbagh Celebrity and Red Carpet Films.

The cinematography of this film, which is entirely set in Bangalore, is also excellent. Cinematographer Anthony Joe photographed Bangalore beautifully with his camera. Rahul Raj’s music fits the mood of the film.

Director Prashant Murali Padmanabhan wrote the script for the film. The tension in the script is hampered by the fact that the climax is predictable by many viewers. Another element often missing in Lalbagh ​​is the dynamic required for a psychological thriller. In this non-linear film, Prashant Murali talks about the complexity of gender relations in urban life.