“Lady of the Manor” Review: A failed anaemic comedy starring Melanie Linsky and Judy Greer

Now on Amazon Prime, Lady of the Manor is best known for making the directorial debut of Justin Long (famous for his acting roles in Dodgeball, Drag Me to Hell, and, uh, Tusk) and brother Christian Long. Even for Melanie Linsky, who plays a prostitute. Who forges an unlikely friendship with the graceful southern lady of Judy Greer, it’s rarely a leading role – unusual because the girl has long since died and been a ghost. Linsky and Greer did a terrible comedy? Sounds good on paper. Let’s see how it works in execution.

Her husband murdered Lady Wadsworth (Greer) on her estate in 1875: 

Where she still emerges as a figure of royalty. AUTHORIZATION FROM: A radiant Hannah (Linsky) in athletic pants. A cannabis smoke lover who lost her job delivering kush and food due to a series of quasi-comedy shows. And some concerts as a tour guide Wadsworth mansion. The job requires you to live in a big old house, pretend to be Lady Wadsworth. The wear age-appropriate clothes, and give facts about a woman’s ways, which is terrible because she’s always lazy.

One thing matters: Hannah is hired by Tanner Wadsworth (Ryan Philip), a loser who wants to call her. It’s a game because he’s attracted to idiots with no socks on linen pants. But when he tried to jump over his bones, Lady Wadsworth appeared. And trampled him until Hannah went to bed dissatisfied. According to southern tradition, Hannah immediately stopped resisting the idea that there were no ghosts and allowed the woman to teach her to be a lowercase woman. In return, Hannah explained to him what “cockblocking” was.

I think Lady Wadsworth may have been more sympathetic to Hannah’s interest in Max (Justin Long), a historian and professor she met on a terrifying mansion tour. She’s a nice person. She agrees to help Hannah exorcise the ghost by inspiring a scene where they clean their room for being prostitutes, and she finds a sizable collection of vibrators, which she shows no shame in and for which she is kind to her. He didn’t have to answer anyone for that. Either way, those situations happen somewhere at some point.

I’m sad to say that most inspired material failed because of the Linsky-Greer couple, who brought more than just fart jokes to the stage. In any case, Linsky finds a little more in his character, which is worth it.

Here I quote a dialogue in which the film was reviewed for me: 

“I see, I just don’t find it funny.” Philip and Linsky shared a difficult moment when they laughed at the script, but Greer was talented and honest. It’s an underrated comedian. I lost here too. Long can not be more indifferent if it is pure white rice. The material never allows talented actors to improve their characters beyond the archetype: The Loafer, The Rude, The Beautiful, The Jester.

The result is a comedy so lightly drawn, bloodless that it falls apart before our eyes. Hannah’s rainbow character advanced at a sharp angle that she barely noticed. The film is poorly directed and is a coherent collection of scenes for an hour before telling a story. All jokes range from low to medium brows; the opportunity to mock the Süd-UHN complex remained unused; the hit in non-computer comedy is DOA; and has two montages of ridiculous, almost criminal music in the 96-minute film. I’m going to fart in the general direction of the film, but I’ll take it as a compliment. Lady of Manor is a waste of your talent and time.