“Kotigobba 3” Review: In true Sudeep style, it is full of action, emotion and mixed with romance

So far, the character Sudeep doesn’t need to be introduced in the Kotigobba series. 

The story starts with Shiva and Satya in Kottigobba 2 continues in this sequel with a new character, Ghost. Debutant Shiva Kartik borrows some elements from previous instalments, directed by KS Ravikumar, and makes no mistake by bringing out the best in masala artists that will delight stellar fans.

Satya from Sudeep enters the film as a parent and surprises everyone for a moment. But when he returns to his usual appearance, popular acts and dance sequences are provided. I look forward to the unique dance number with Ashika Ranganath.

Jaanu, a nine-year-old orphan, is the soul of Satya’s life. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with an illness that brought them both to Poland. Satya’s problems began when he was mistaken for Spirit. A criminal involved in bank robberies and bombings in this country and was arrested by the police.

Shiva and Satya’s existing personalities now allow for drama, and the latest addition to Ghost only adds to the trouble and confusion.

Will the police catch the “real” Ghost? Or is Satya a real spirit? Will Satya leave with clean hands? Many of these exciting questions come to the public’s mind and keep them busy. While Satya remains a kind and helpful person, Shiva’s Slavery continues to steal from the rich to help the needy. Ravi Shankar plays the only remaining characters from Kotigobba 2. And new additions took into the franchise that is Aftab Shivdasani and Shraddha Das as Interpol employees. Madonna Sebastian plays a doctor and is Satya’s lover.

For a versatile actor like Sudeep, the play of different levels is a step up and entirely fits the dynamics of the role. Another attraction is the beautiful, strange places and the consequences of the persecution.

Arjun Janya’s songs adds up a lot of flavour into this masala film. 

Overall, Kottigobba 3 is a treat for Sudeep fans and commercial artists alike. Kotigobba 3 is the third film in the popular series by Vishnuvardhan. After his death, he starred in Sudeep, and the third film in the series is about identical twins Satya and Shiva, who believe in philanthropic deeds.

Circumstances force Satya to land in Poland to care for a girl, and this coincides with a robbery carried out by a criminal that Interpol has identified as a ghost. Satya helped the police catch criminals.

Who’s the Ghost? Are Satya and Shiva the same person? The answers to these questions make up the rest of the storyline. This story is attributed to Sudeep. The story is supposed to be original. But quite a few scenes borrowed from Bollywood hits like Dhoom and Krrish.

In terms of performance, Sudeep did the best. The lead actress is Madonna Sabastian, imported from Malayalam. And the cast includes Aft ab Shivdasani, P Ravi Shankar, Sharath and Nawab Shah, all honouring their roles. Madonna, Rangayana Raghu, and Tabla Nani have limited screen exposure. Ashika Ranganath blooms in a particular room like Chameli.

Arjun Janya’s underdeveloped character and background music are very disappointing. The lyrics are also unquestionable. Many of the questions the plot asks – such as what happens to the boy – go unanswered. Two songs are late, and most of the humour is lacking. The plot becomes very predictable in the second half. Despite its flaws, Kotigobba 3 is a visual delight with its high-octane battles and float and chase sequences. Shekar Chandru’s opera deserves special attention. The first half, with its twists and turns and the second half with emotion, kept the fans tense.