Kitz Review: German Ski Resort Drama and Local Teen’s Plan to Avenge His Brother’s Death

Lissy’s voice tells her plans to avenge the girl who caused the death of her brother Joseph (Felix Mayr). On New Year’s Eve, who came to visit her a year ago from a cold mountain road. But then we see him setting fire to the big hut and wonder if he’s gone too far.

On New Year’s Eve, the year after Joseph’s death:

Lisi, a waitress at a local bar, plans to work at a New Year’s Eve party. That is hosted by a wealthy influencer named Vanessa von Hohenfeld (Valerie Huber). Her friend Antonia (Suhaila Amade). Who has been in London for a year and returns to the city during the high season.

Who wants to know why she wants to work at this party. Lissy said it was just a salary, but I had other things on my mind. Vanessa was the one who persuaded Joseph to be there on his last New Year’s Eve; he was driving to visit her when she was fleeing the cold mountain road.

He meets Vanessa’s boyfriend Dominique (Bless Amada) during the party. Who seems to be with Vanessa out of obligation rather than love. We also meet Kosh (Zoran Pingel). Who took the party (namely drugs) with him but left with Vanessa and Dominic last year.

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Before the actual party, we see him with a man who turns out to be Hans (Ben Felipe), a close friend of Lissy and Joseph. There’s also Vanessa’s best friend, Pippa (Krista Cherneva). Who “fired” Lissy when she was spying on locals suffocating in Vanessa’s room.

But Lissy is determined to carry on with her plan by accidentally pouring Vanessa’s drink. So she can go out to her room and change. Then, as she goes upstairs to apologize, Lissy sees a masked man robbing Vanessa at gunpoint; he feels intrigued but somehow confronts the man and tells him he had called the police.

Vanessa owed him so much when he ran away that he invited Lissy to a party. And then invited her to lunch at Dominic’s the next day. Vanessa didn’t know that this was Lissy’s goal all along. “I have to be his friend,” he told Hans late at night.

Kitz feels like a show we’ve seen before, which is why we call it Elite.

Yes, the atmosphere is that of a ski resort that Munich riches attack every winter than boarding schools in Spain, but the atmosphere is more or less the same. That’s not to say that Kitz couldn’t make a good show. But the first episode doesn’t indicate that this will be a show that tells us anything new.

It’s rich versus working-class kids, with a 100% absurd mixed revenge plan, at least in the first episode. Of course, Lissy was furious. That her sister had gone out that cold night to meet Vanessa, who was most likely using her as prey. He probably invested more in their relationship than she did, and that’s part of what made Lisie seek revenge.

But how much do we have to endure to watch Lisie infiltrate this wealthy clique to understand the details of this story? Lissy’s loss is palpable, but she also seems to enjoy the benefits of getting to know Vanessa and also being part of her group, even though it’s “just” a “poor” local. Is this complicated because Lissy would like Vanessa or her group members like Dominic? Or pure revenge? We’re not sure we care, and that’s also the biggest problem with Kitz.

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As we see, Lissy looks at the text on Joseph’s cell phone shortly after his death:

He notices Vanessa’s lyrics that make her leave Lissy, Hans and Antonia that night as they celebrate Lissy’s entry to an exclusive college in London (she stopped going after her death). The voice above speaks of stages of grief, including Stage 2: Anger. “And the third tier … to hell with the third tier,” he said.

Not that Kitz is a lousy show; the stars are attractive and match the material. But it feels like something we’ve seen hundreds of times, and it doesn’t break ground.