Kamaraj vs Hitesha: What exactly happened in the Bangalore Zomato Incident?

Two days after a Bengaluru woman claimed she has been attacked by a Zomato delivery boy. She shared a video showing her nose bleeding. Two versions of the story are now being investigated and shared on social media.

Defendant Kamaraj said he was beaten with shoes and mistreated:

Which Hitesha Chandranee’s client strongly refused. Zomato said he supports pending investigations and wants “both sides of the story to come to light”.

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What caused the incident? Creator Hitesha Chandranee said that she kept callingZomato customer service on Wednesday because of her late food order.

“I have the right to struggle with customer service when I pay. I keep saying to cancel my order or help myself by doing it for free,” said Mrs. Chandrani.

“When I asked him (Kamaraj) if Zomato told him about. Canceling the order or rejecting the accusation, he was very rude. He said, ‘Mom, I don’t know, please waste my time. Give me the money and let me go.'” Chandranee’s mother said she later told a Zomato customer that her husband was screaming. “That sounds very threatening to me,” he said.

She claims when she screams that she tried to close the door. She presses it and says, “Tukyakarrahihai (what are you doing)?” He took the order and left, he said.

“I told him you couldn’t. Thenhe hit me. It happened in two minutes. I didn’t know what was going on. He ran to the elevator. I didn’t know my nose was bleeding.” When I gathered, I followed him and stopped him. He hit me again, and because the elevator wouldn’t close me. He pushed me and ran down the stairs, “he said.

According to him, all this is not in front of the camera because there is no surveillance videoKamaraj was arrested and released on bail and has now been suspended by Zomato. In a police case against him.

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He claimed to have taken food from their table and left:

Kamaraj denied up beating the woman. Kamaraj also said it was she who scolded him. Threw a shoe at her, and accidentally injured herself. He also confessed to apologizing to her and after speaking with Zomato. Then he asked her to return the food, but he refused.

“He started harassing me. There was shoe support near the door. He took a shovel and started beating me,” Kamaraj said and parted ways. “It is really shocking for me. For my safety, I slapped his hand. He was wearing a ring. This ring hit his nose and then the wound happened. I did not hit him, I was very scared, so I left the room.”

She said he followed her and continued beating her, forcing her to climb stairs and run to the third floor. “This is my full-time job …” he said, crying as he spoke about his arrest and bail.

Ms. Chandranee said she never started harassing her that he was rude at first. “It was my fearful reaction. I panicked. It went well at the time, it was not intended”.

Pointing at the ring! Which she thought was too blunt to cause an injury like this. She said, “I never hit him with a sandal. When he ran away, I did it to protect myself. What if he made it worse?”

Founder of restaurant aggregator DeepinderGoyal wrote on Twitter that the company provides. “The supports they need to Hitesha and Kamaraj while the investigation is pending”.

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Mr. Goyal said the company would obey the law and support both parties – Mrs. Chandrani and Mr. Kamaraj – while the investigation was ongoing. Zomato stops Kamaraj but pays for it and also bears the legal costs. The company said Kamaraj made 5,000 submissions

He was rated 4.75 / 5 stars, one of the highest, claiming this is a factnot an opinion.