Minneapolis will pay the George Floyd family $ 27 million to settle the illegal lawsuit

Minneapolis’s city agreed to pay $ 27 million to George Floyd’s family to settle an illegal lawsuit filed last July.

The Floyd family alleged that former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin:

The three other police officers involved in Floyd’s death violated his constitutional rights. By using “an unjustified, excessive, and lethal and illegal use of force”.

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The lawsuit also accuses Minneapolis and city police authorities of “wilful indifference”. To unconstitutional police practices that were “the driving force behind George’s death.”

The Minneapolis City Council unanimously voted to approve the agreement during Friday’s first-week jury session. In the ongoing criminal case against Derek Chauvin, charged with second-degree murder. Second-degree murder third-degree murder for the murder of Floyd in May.

Under the settlement agreement, $ 500,000 will be spent “for the good of the community”. On 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, where Floyd’s death, now commonly known as George Floyd Square.

“No amount of money can respond to the severe pain or trauma caused by his death. The George Floyd family, or the people in our city,” said city council chairman Lisa Bender after the vote. “Minneapolis was radically turned into a racist account at the time.”

“The Biggest Case of Civil Rights Violation in US History”:

George Floyd’s gruesome death, witnessed by millions of people around the world. It sparked deep longing and undeniable demands for justice and change.”.

Benjamin Crump said, one of the lawyers, in a statement. “The largest pre-trial agreement on illegal deaths that will cover black people’s lives. It sends a strong message that black people’s lives are important. That police brutality against blacks must end,” he said.

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Floyd’s brother, Rodney Floyd, says that the deal was a “necessary step”. For the whole family to reach to an agreement. “George’s legacy to the people who love him will always be his optimism that things can get better.

We hope this deal does just that – that it improves things a bit in Minneapolis. It lights up communities across the country,” said Rodney Floyd in a statement.

Her sister Bridget Floyd, founder of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation, said. “Even though our hearts are broken, it is comforting to know that George Floyd. It is showing the world how to live even in death”. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said the agreement with the Floyd family reflects. “A shared commitment to promoting racial justice.”

The Floyd family’s attorneys said they too hoped for “justice in criminal court”.

By Friday afternoon, six jurors had been selected in Chauvin’s criminal case. Which began with increased security in the city on Monday.

Any public information about the case, including the settlement agreement. It could harm the defense, Ted Sample-Jones, a law professor at Mitchell Hamline.

However, he is sure that the civil agreement will not harm the criminal process. That’s not acceptable evidence so that the jury won’t hear it, Sampsel-Jones said.

“Of course there is a lot of unacceptable evidence in this process that is circulating in the media,” he said. “We can only hope that the jury will obey the law. To decide the case based on the evidence presented at trial.”

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In 2019, Minneapolis agreed to a $ 20 million deal with Justin Rushtik Diamond’s family. Who was shot dead by former Minneapolis officer Mohamed Nur.

Somali American convicted of third-degree murder and second-degree murder. Floyd’s civil suit stated that while the Diamond family settlement. “It has been deemed to be transformative and has not materially affected the way MPD does business“.