Most of the Democrats in Congress in New York are calling for Governor Cuomo to step down

New York’s Democratic majority, including a prominent and powerful Congress member. He also asked Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign. After accusations of s*xual harassment and processing of Covid-19 deaths in state nursing homes.

Thirteen Democrats in the New York Building said Friday that Cuomo should resign. Arguing that the accusations had jeopardized his ability to govern effectively and serve the New York people.

Members of Congress in New York remained largely silent as lawmakers called for Cuomo’s resignation following the accusations:

The stunning, coordinated message sends waves across the country. It could mark a turning point in two scandals involving three terms as Democratic governor.

Cuomo fiercely opposed his request for resignation, brushing it off his rivals as a political maneuver. But the congressional group calling for his resignation includes members from various party ideological lines. The high-ranking figures in the country’s political institutions, and younger progressive lawmakers.

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Their decision was followed by another, less than 24 hours earlier. By the Democrats in the State Assembly to open an impeachment inquiry. Which carried out in conjunction with the prosecutors‘ independent inquiry.

Cuomo responded to the allegations on Friday, telling a press conference that he “allowed the review to continue. I will not resign.”

“I haven’t done what was claimed, period. I’m not going to speculate on people’s possible motives,” he continued.

Without naming him, he also attacked lawmakers who urged him to step down. Saying politicians holding positions “without knowing the facts” were “cruel and dangerous” and worshiping “cultural abolition“.

A source familiar with the talks leading to coordinated calls for Kuomo to step down on Friday. Stated by the group had been in contact over aggravated accusations but did not agree to move forward through Thursday. They decided to wait until Friday morning to go public not to tread President Joe Biden’s Thursday evening speech.

The source said the turning point for the members was a combination of recent developments:

Including the State Assembly spokesman Carl Hesty on Thursday that Democrats would open an impeachment inquiry there. The decision to step into almost everyone simultaneously is also the realization. That the calling on someone will put pressure on the other person.

Parliament Committee Chair Jerry Nadler said in a statement that. Cuomo “Has lost the confidence of the New York people,” and Parliament committee chairman Carolyn Maloney. He also stated Cuomo’s resignation was “in the best interest of all New Yorkers.”

They are joined by Kathleen Rice, who became the first of 19 Democrats. In the New York delegation to call for Cuomo’s resignation earlier this month.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes and freshman Jamaal Bauman agree with the others. “Who have concluded that Governor Cuomo can no longer effectively lead so many challenges“.

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“These allegations are consistent and very detailed. There are credible media reports to back up their reports,” Ocasio-Cortes and Bowman said in a joint statement. Adding that they “trusted women who had committed s*xual abuse“. The charges against Cuomo.

In separate statements on Friday, Democrats Grace Meng, Nidia Velazquez, Yvette Clark, Adriano Ispailat, Monder Jones, Antonio Delgado, Sean Patrick Maloney, Brian Higgins, and Paul Tonko called on Cuomo to step down as governor.

Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, who also chairs the Democratic Congressional Committee:

New Yorkers needed a “laser-focused governor” to guide them through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cuomo’s government estimated the number of deaths from Covid among long-term care patients. In New York at around 50 percent, according to a January report by prosecutors. Then he delayed disclosing this potentially dangerous information to lawmakers.

The government longs for Covid-19 deaths among residents. Who have been moved outside of facilities or to hospitals said Attorney General Leticia James‘ statement. Although the report finds that the total death toll has not changed. It misrepresents the number of Covid-19 victims in a long-term care facility in New York.

Cuomo and his government defended their decision because both the Department of Justice. The New York state lawmakers raised questions that prioritized federal investigation. The governor denied the accusation of wrongdoing.

Amid growing criticism, Cuomo was also accused by many women of s*xual harassment or inappropriate behavior. The political scandal in New York over the past two weeks began on February 24. When Lindsay Boylan’s former aide said in his release in the Middle that Cuomo forced him against his will. In 2018 after brief meetings, one to kiss the lips of his New York office.

Last week, Cuomo apologized to the women:

Saying he never knew he was “making someone uncomfortable” and denied touching anyone inappropriately.

Nadler said Friday that the allegations against Cuomo were “serious”. It was credible and that Cuomo was “legally guaranteed due process“. But that the New York leader’s trust issue was one of “political judgment”.

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“The people’s courage in interacting with Governor Cuomo was very inspiring and I support them,” he said. “The repeated allegations against the governor. The way he reacted make it impossible for him to stay in power at this time.”

Several Democrats said on Friday that the investigation by New York Attorney General Leticia James should continue.

On Thursday, more than 50 Senate and Democrats in the New York State Assembly said in a letter. That “it is time for Governor Cuomo to step down“. Arguing that he was “ineffective at a time of greatest need”. The state’s top Senate Democrat, Senate majority leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. It stated on Sunday that “Cuomo must step down for the good of the state governor.”