Kala Movie review: Bloody duel that impresses with its rawness

When a film advertises himself as a ‘bad nuance this year. Someone is bound to feel grateful after experiencing an overdose of kindness in theatres in the past few years. However, when ‘Kala’ (Weed) ends, someone is left to damage. The fact that the warning in the ad is not considered serious because it gives what he promised.

In the midst of it all is a shaji (Tovino Thomas):

A man who has fun in his masculinity and competes in malignancy with his pet dog from exotic types. He survived mostly on his father’s money (Lal). We get quite a bit that the shaji has wasted quite a lot in a non-successful effort. The event in the film took place for a day when his father (Lal) came out for a health check, and his wife (Divya Pillai) was at his parents’ house. To harvest the broad areca nut plantation attached to the plot, the shaji comes face to face with someone. Who comes out to take revenge for an event from his past.

Rohith. V.S, which debuted with the unique ‘adventure of Omanakuttan’ and continued to do a ‘devil’. Back with a film that was not like his past work. In ‘Kala’, he has chosen to do a dark and cruel drama, where only a lot of blood spilt. While we can praise the consistent experimental habits, this work does not have a substance. It seems to have longed for appreciation for its technical results, high-speed cutting, excessive in several places, and visual.

In the early half, scary and visual background tones create a sense of hunch:

Even for scenes where nothing happened. Incurrence is the characteristic of all films. This is almost the opposite of several films that explain things and insult the intelligence of the audience. I can see the obscurity in how the character is written and how the narrative is played. Precisely from the right reason for fear and mental pressure. That Shaji’s wife talks about the past of the shaji. And the reasons are typical of painted in a broad stroke, leaving too much for our imagination.

Most of the attention instead invested in the order of action, filling almost the entire half of the film. While some raw actions thrill us initially. The novelty immediately finished because the two men were involved in mortal battles. Almost reminiscent of popular old computer games. The theme that underlies the story seems to be oppressed and oppressed. Fighting against people who have underdrawn their land and cause extreme cruelty. In a celebration of non-minded violence, and ironically masculinity.

When it has an old Hollywood texture of old school and also a West Spaghetti.

This is a drama of revenge which then turned into a home thriller invasion film. Shaji Tovino Thomas evokes a defective protagonist from several western John Ford made in the 1950s. He also shared several properties with the protagonist of the French connection. William Friedkin or to live and die in L.A. There is also a little Narcissism Travis style inside him.

Remember how we rooted, almost idols, Travis Bickle at first. But then found ourselves gradually let go of him. Because of what he did in the second round of the film? We first assume someone is a ‘hero’, but then ‘criminals’. Arrived to destroy our perception of both characters. You might surprise yourself by rooting for someone. When playing with this, contrast is so beautiful.