‘Jayanti’ Film Review: This is a story about human emotions and conveys them convincingly

Many significant figures have made important contributions and sacrifices for the independence and development of our country.

Giants, however, is a film that highlights the fame of his work or the political scene celebrating his birthday. Written and directed by Shailesh Narwade, the film’s themes are important and eye-catching.

The story of the film is Santosh, entitled Santiachi. 

There is no point in life Santos considers himself a devotee of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Mavla. But to celebrate the anniversary of great people, Santia and friends are at the forefront of fundraising in the community. Santia is an MLA activist who sits on a hill and hangs out with her friends.

However, the locals and their families are fed up with Santa’s confusion, bickering, and bickering and bickering. But an accident changes Santa’s life.

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A housemaid was raped and killed by her employer.

In all of this, Santa took several steps that led to his arrest by the police and detention. What happens in Santa’s life after he goes to prison? How do you think great people changed their lives? It is essential to see this film.

From Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to Dr, The birthdays of various significant figures to Babasaheb Ambedkar were celebrated with great enthusiasm. But when you watch the film, it becomes clear how important it is to spread your teachings and ideas in society. The unexpected twist of the film is also enjoyable.

Actor Rituraj Wankhede and a famous person from the Marathi series, actress Titiksha Tawde, made their debut in Marathi cinema. Rituraj Vankhede, who primarily plays Santa Claus, is on the shoulders of the entire film. After all, other actors have a lot of support in this film. Rituraj has previously acted in various dramas. Feel the ease of the game. His physique, his personality was the focus of the first film.

On the other hand, Titiksha Tawde also highlighted the role of Pallavi. Riturage and Titiksha also look fresh. Actors like Milind Shinde, Kishor Kadam, Paddy Campbell are brought to life in the film. Special thanks to you.

In the role of the master, Milind Shinde fulfils the disappointment, longing and concern of a teacher. 

Due to the ignorance of an uneducated child. Kishor Kadam also stands out in the MLA role. Amar Upadjai, Anjali Joglekar, Atul Mahale also played an important role. Veera Saatidar also plays a vital role in this film. The actors who played Santa’s Friends did a great job in the comedy scene with great support.

While the script of the film is good, the direction seems weak. However, the actors in the film have included the acting side. Some scenes may look dull. Some scenes seem to fill up unnecessary time. Some of the dialogue also seems time-consuming.

I can hear music and subtitles good music from Mangesh Dhakde and Ruhi. The songs of Guru Thakur, Keshav Gajbhiye and Vaibhav Chaudhary, sung by renowned singer Javed Ali, caused a sensation. Had the film been better put together, there would have been continuity in the film. Yogesh Koli’s camera work is excellent. This film manages to entertain and inform.

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Rather than being a fan of great people. What seems more important than the importance of this film is knowing how information about them. And recordings of their thoughts can help sow their thoughts into society.

For this, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Mahatma Jiotiba Pule, Dr Babasaheb summoned Ambedkar. Who gave examples of these great people and mentioned them. A must-have for today’s young generation who are convinced of the true meaning of this great man’s birthday.