‘Jacinta’ Review: A haunting documentary that records the struggle of young women with addiction

Addiction has long been a common feed for documentary filmmakers; From Flicks such as Heroin (e), the house where I live, and prescription premises for series. Such as century crimes and interventions. We often see this epidemic discussed on the screen. Jacinta, now streaming upstream, took a more personal approach to this problem and recorded a young woman’s journey.

When she was released from prison, and tried to stay clean for her daughter.

When we first met Jacinta, 26 years old, he was in prison for 8 months. And was preparing to re-enter the world. He revealed he was imprisoned for the first time when he was 15 years old. And there were not many breaks including. One upside down to his prison sentence?

His mother, Rosemary, was by his side through everything. Both were very close regardless of the situation. And even though Rosemary was the reason Jacinta was introduced to drugs, fighting, and shoplifting in the first place. Rosemary still has a lot of time to serve. And he is apprehensive about what will happen, so Jacinta returns home.

When Jacinta was first released, he seemed determined to stay clean. His 10-year-old daughter, Caylynn, has longed for him, and Jacinta wants to be a consistent presence in his life. Jacinta found a conscious home to stay. And with his father’s support, Rick and Brother Shaun were located on the road.

After the familiar faces appeared and the emotional weight of the situation began to weave.

However, Jacinta recurred and once again disappeared from Caylynn’s life, struggling to accommodate many besides his older girlfriend, lucky. Because his need to repair only increased, Jacinta’s life exploded, finally landing behind bars. This gutting depiction of generation addiction. And its impact on so many lives is the same part of haunting and heartbreaking.

On several occasions while watching Jacinta, I really had to remind myself that I am watching a documentary. Not just because of the style but it feels very calm and loyal to life. But because every player feels so perfect. This is a type of story that considers your heart and refuses to release long after credit rolled. And it’s significant because of the titular woman.

For all its disadvantages and deviation, Jacinta is straightforward to root;

You want him to live together. Be there for my mini daughter, to find a way to let go of his obsession. By becoming like his mother (a mother who prostitutes when he is only 15). His father and unwavering support made him very pleasant. Even Rosemary, with all his questionable actions and unique properties. It made it easy to see why Jacinta considered him “travel or die”.

Even though Jacinta won it, I found myself feeling a little uncomfortable at times, significantly when he relapsed. Witnessing him shoot on the camera made me wonder. What the filmmaker had an ethical responsibility to stand up and capture potentially threatening behaviour. There is no easy answer here, and maybe I’m alone in this thought. But I feel a little nervous watching their use. Maybe that’s the point. Jacinta is not a film intended to make us comfortable. But to have it more for us to reflect on the pain of recurrence. And regret and what such a disease is like in real life. It’s not always easy for the stomach, but it feels necessary.

Jacinta is a portrait that is full of enthusiasm and heartbreaking. Of the nature of the awesome and damage to the many lives.