Ichata Vahanamulu Nilupa Radu Review: Romantic Tension Drama Who Failed to Focus on both Genres

A young man working in an architectural firm falls in love with his apprentice. As the romance progresses, he accidentally steps into the crime scene to surprise her.

How he got away with preparing for it shapes the story.

Just when we thought Chi La Sou and Ala Vaikuntappuramulu had started a good phase in Sushant Anumolu’s career. Ichata Vahanamulu Nilaparaduhu was disappointed with the spelling.

If you want to understand the importance of the title to the story, wait until the second half when the characters become very clear by touching the No Parking Sign before entering the heroine’s house. The message is solid and transparent.

Arun (Sushanth) is impressed by his apprentice Meenu (Meenakshi Chaudhary). An architect at his company – and as their relationship develops, she tells him he wants to take her on a bike.

Arun’s mother (Aishwarya) wants him really to buy a car but gives up and pays for his motorbike. When Arun arrives at Menu’s place without warning, he worries that his brother Narasimha Yadav (Venkat), a local politician, might meet Arun at any moment.

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However, Arun mistakenly breaks into a neighbour’s house and ignores the crimes committed there. Immediately he saw the Menu through the window, recognized his mistake and quickly stumbled upon it. But at that moment, the damage are to be done. Neighbors and police officers came.

And after seeing their motorbike parked. They believe that the thief/criminal is the one who came to him and is somewhere around. Therefore, Arun was their first suspect. The real culprit is now on the run. The rest of the story only revolves around how Arun got rid of evil.

Several characters shown in the film, many of them dramatic:

But their actions lack intensity or impact. There’s little sympathy for the characters. When caught or smacked by people on the porch, not indifference that doesn’t help the story. Priyadarshi and Abhinav’s roles did not change history. All this is because of bad writing.

Arun (Sushant) works in an architecture office and knows the apprentice Meenu (Meenakshi). When their family was away, the couple decided to go for a walk on their new motorbike. Instead of waiting for her, he decided to surprise her at home. He accidentally finds himself in a house where robberies and murders are committed. A series of events raises the suspicion that Arun is chasing the entire colony.

The first half of the film lacks tempo and tests your patience. It continued after the second half of the season. But you felt. That there were too many forced elements in the first half. The film is filled with actors known for their excellent comic days. But they are given a chance to rip it apart. Director S Darshan reviews the friendship between Arun and Puli (Priyadarshi).

However, this remains unexplored as the latter barely gets any screen time.

There are a few laughs here and there, but that’s about it. At first, the sub-conspiracy around their family was mentioned going nowhere. As the drama unfolds, the film becomes predictable even after a few twists. Too many twists and turns in the plot add to the delay. Instead of strengthening the plot and asking for a climax.

Sushant was as valuable as Arun, but it wasn’t his best job. Meenakshi performs well but is disappointed with its poor synchronization. Priyadarshi is good, but he doesn’t get the screen time his character deserves. Abhinav Gomatam, who is known for his comic roles, proves that he can handle serious roles. Sunil’s cameo is bubbly and makes some much-needed laughs in dry action.

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The background music by Praveen Lakkaraju is good and adds nothing to the story. The placement of the songs is also sudden and irrelevant to the plot. Comparisons between serious and romantic scenes are unsavoury and can be distracting. The fragmentary script and edits are disappointing.