“Hawking: Can You Hear Me?” Review: A frightening, nerve-racking gander at Stephen’s mysterious life

Stephen Hawking’s short story is one we all know. He was diagnosed with motor neuron disease at age 21 and with three years left to live. He married his beloved Jane, had three children, and became an innovative physicist and cosmologist.

Despite increasingly serious injuries and numerous health crises. He is also a member of the great Royal Society, Lucas Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge (where Newton was once). And a world-renowned author and publicist, having written the bestselling book A Brief History of Time. He died in the 2018 at the age of 76.

You can easily fill a documentary with stories about his genius.

What, Hawking: can you hear me? (Sky Documentaries) has taken on the more complex task of shining a light on the person and figuring out. What is required of him and everyone else. Around an overly focused and competing mind to complete all he has done.

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It is a portrait – detailed and loving – of the effects of severe disability on marriage and family and everything else. Jane, his wife of 30 years, was interviewed in detail and reassuringly for underestimating.

The more painful impression of the psychological consequences of caring for an increasingly impoverished husband. He doesn’t talk about his illness and only accepts outside help when it comes to survival.

Their children were also interviewed extensively. “I knew my dad all the time, he died 24 hours a day,” said Lucy. Who was born seven years after the diagnosis.

The youngest son, Tim, was six years old when Hawking lost the ability to speak. When his father received the synthesizer loudly, he remembered “the golden age of communication for us”. Although he waited for an answer to every question from each child.

“You never know what to do with yourself!” Robert remembers that his father was still able to go upstairs with support. Still, it was hard to get his attention (“how many dads, I guess”) when he (unlike most dads) talked in-depth.

About quantum mechanics, general relativity, thinking and perspective. It’s very close to his extraordinary mind. To unite the two to create a mathematical theory to explain the universe.

This subtle film also asks how much pleasure we should and should give to the extraordinary mind.

Hawking’s painting is a painting that contains a clear line of selfishness. But also invites one to think about how innate and how much is rooted in one’s physical state. It is up to us to decide how much of Jane’s erasure from her history, even if it develops.

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For example, when she became a member of the Royal Society. Hawking thanked her superiors and colleagues. But made no mention of them or her children. The result of her sexist behaviour.

His social status or lack of appreciation for what it takes to keep him safe. From conferences to the international conference by others. Maybe the rejection rate is an important protection, even if it annoys people who like it?

Maybe it’s mostly the study of love. About young love and how it can lead you into a marriage that. According to doctors, will last for several years. About how it can change but continue to exist when that parameter changes. Over the years, Jane became increasingly tired and overwhelmed by the tremendous pressure placed on her by Hawking’s increasing fame.

The workload, travel, and disability, and she and widower Jonathan Helier Jones. One of the few people who made Stephen One Family, will help to fall in love. Because of Hawking, they rejected a relationship for years.

It is also the study of how a child’s love is not affected by a father’s inability:

To throw a frisbee but can be hammered by his withdrawal from the family. Hawking moved in for Christmas. “I think – I still think – it needn’t be brutal,” said Lucy cautiously. One of the many moments that underscores how well-illustrated the program. Which is for certain types of English is with one of her nurses, Elaine Mason.

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Their relationship lasted more than a decade, despite concerns about his controlling personality and attitude towards him. They divorced her after a police investigation into their alleged abuse, which they both always deny. Hawking declined to file a complaint. He, Jane, and the children grew closer and closer when he died.