Gully Rowdy Movie Review: Memorable and a harmless crime comedy

When I saw Vivaha Bhojanambu a few weeks ago. I wondered what Sundeep Kishan would do with a film. Where he appeared as an additional cameo highlighting the film’s main plot. Unfortunately, I felt the same way when watching Gully Rowdy – where Sundeep played the lead role. While his heroic rainbow stands out like a sore thumb in Vivaha Bhojanambu. The protagonist Sundeep feels lost in the joyless chaos that Gully is rowdy. And the plot lends itself to a subplot in the script.

The lack of strong characters to invest in is perhaps the weakest link in this family comedy-meets-crime thriller.

Equipped with a capable floor by Bhanu Bogavarapu. Director G Nageswara Reddy has enough room for quirky humour, but it doesn’t reach its full potential. Instead, the film settles for the intelligent, lazy jokes we’ve seen a million times with stoic faces.

The ever-reliable Rajendra Prasad plays Patapagalu Venkat Rao. A middle-class leader (imagine a funnier version of Rao Ramesh’s character Bharat Anne Nenu. Or just a picture of Rajendra Prasad himself in July). He is the closest to the character in the film. Despite the lack of a blooming masala that puts Sandip in the way.

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This is the premise of Drishyam-Meet-Kolamavu Kokila. And you may be wondering where Sundeeps Gully Rowdy fits into the insane premise. Of a family trying to find their way out of the crime they are inadvertently involved in. When Bhairgi Naidu (Mime Gopi plays Mime Gopi).

A local tall man, occupies a plot of land from Venkat Rao. The helpless cop backs down to participate in his family’s crimes of a freak ball orchestra. As expected, the plan fails, and the family finds themselves in a much bigger mystery. Spoiler alert: no. At best, Vasu tasted like the famous Yogi Babu from Poolavu Kokila.

Gully Rowdy has two points of interest in the middle;

One, Vasu, who comes from a family of robbers (Rowdy Parambarai?), Sahitiya (Neha Sheti), daughter of Venkat Rao. Second, Venkat Rao and his family committed the theft. Sahithya connects these plots, and the film expects us to believe that the two stories are equally important. Another spoiler: the family route is in the middle and on the right. Vasu disappeared for a long time in the film.

However, family crimes can provide entertainment, especially after a threatening police officer (Simha) takes to the stage. However, humour is mixed in tried and tested lines with hardly any witty jokes or loud laughs; Imagine mediocre humour, even when a competent comic like Venela Kishor can barely make you smile.

Writing is content by throwing us slander measurably and predictably.

A mob of young people beat Posani Krishna Murali. Venkat Rao insulted his elderly mother, a runner, and a neighbour kept asking for household items. This should give the film a sense of humour.

The Gully Rowdy is just a watch to test temperament, but some new things are on offer. Despite having some fascinating ideas, this film fails to bring them together in a consistent and, above all, entertaining.

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The film begins on a light note and continues with an outdated story. The whole comedy is directed by Rajendra Prasad and his family, discussing the possible kidnapping of the city’s Don. Viva Harsh is a software professional but is always seen from her friends who roam the streets. Luckily, I made a few jokes beforehand.

In general, these are outdated boilers that can avoid altogether. Even though Sundeep Kishan and Rajendra Prasad did their best, this film tested our patience.