Gruen Season 12: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Creators, Release Platform

If you love advertising or are interested in this industry, you must have heard about Gruen. It is an Australian TV Series based on advertising. Honourable industry experts sit together as a panel and educate us as to how a particular advertisement is affecting us, i.e. the audience. Advertising is a dilemma for many, and everyone feels perplexed by the thought process of the ad creators. This show is popular as it gives the power back to the audience. It enlightens the general public by letting them enter the minds of the advertisers. Once you realise the process that goes behind the scenes, you feel empowered by Experts of the panel access the effectiveness of advertising. There are also sections in which they inform you about how to sell the unsellable products. It is an eye-opening show for students and professionals aspiring to make it big in this industry.

Release Date:

Gruen Season 12 Release Date

Season 12 will release on 14th October 2020. Like every other media content, it too got delayed due to the COVID pandemic, but it seems like the production was back on track soon. Season 12 will hit you soon with advertisements of new products and services.

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Gruen Season 12 plot

The pandemic has changed everything about the world. Fortunately, it was not able to stop advertising, which is also the slogan of Season 12. The poster showed the six participants in a zoom meeting, discussing advertising. We do not know it for sure, but can it mean that the show would be shot that way? All we do know is that Gruen is coming again strong and funny as ever. His host, Will Anderson is expected to present the ads in his peculiar way, and the advertising experts will be astounding us with the depth behind these ads.

We are also expecting some additions in the kind of segments that happen in every episode. Existing segments include :

  • How do you Sell? – Tactics used to force the consumer to choose one product over another
  • Endorse Me
  • The Pitch – Create an advertisement for an unsellable Product
  • Ad of the Week
  • What is this Ad?
  • What’s Wrong with this Ad?
  • Space Invaders
  • God I Hate that Ad
  • What does it mean?
  • The Worst Ad of all time

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Gruen Season 12 Cast

  • Presented and Hosted by Wil Anderson
  • Russel Howcroft as an Expert
  • Todd Sampson as an Expert


  • Created by Andrew Denton and Jon Casimir
  • Executive Producers are Will Anderson and Nick Murray
  • CJZ is the Production Company

Release Platform:

Like all previous seasons, the Season 12 will also launch on ABC’s digital and TV Platform. Unfortunately, this show is not available on other OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

This season is expected to be quite different as the thought process of the advertising world has also changed. We would love to check out how the ad-makers have adapted and updated their methodology and vision. We urge all the advertising enthusiasts to check out Season 12 on 14th October 2020.