Groufie Review: A Moderately Entertaining Tale That Has Its Moments

Photojournalist Kartik fights for his life and recalls the adventurous journey that took him to the Western Ghats and inland from Karnataka. How is it fatal?

Group photos are a group selfie and a must when out with friends, especially when travelling. Groufie refers to the same thing and tries to weave. A click is a turning point in a thriller in front of an old-fashioned bar. Does this film work? Almost like that, but it could be more efficient to implement.

Kartik is a photojournalist who tries to fully portray the beauty and way of life of the people of Karnataka on the hills. During his stay, he met several students walking around there, exploring the area. In this gang of five, he finds friends and even loves. Just when he thought things were gloomy, he discovered an ominous truth.

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The idea behind Groufie is interesting. But I can only guess the story after half an hour of the story. This is the biggest obstacle because the story takes longer to develop, although you can guess what will happen next. So a relatively shorter film looks more extended than that.

The actions of the six youths are pretty severe. But the incredible value that thrillers have to bring is sometimes astonishing. Groufie is a decent effort that could be so much better.

Screenwriter and director D Ravis’ directorial debut Arjun Grufie highlights disaster in a selfie. “It’s about the selfie craze and its effects, and our title refers to the group taking selfies,” said the director, who came up with social concerns raising awareness of life-threatening selfies and their effects. Groufie is an exciting thriller that will travel with nature,” added the director, who brought together six new faces as lead actors.

The groufie trailer in Mysuru on August 9 by Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadeyar and the creators plan to hit theatres on August 20. with Gagan, Uma Mayuri and Prajwal, among others in the cast. Vijeth Krishna recorded the music for Groufie, and Ajaya Laxmikantha is editing the recording.

Groufie can be used as a term when a group takes their picture from the front. This is the underlying critical plot point of this film. The main character is a photojournalist who goes on an adventure trip to the Western Ghats with friends. What happens next is at the heart of the plot.

The film is set in the interior of Karnataka in the Western Ghats region. This proves to be one of the film’s perks as the plot runs around the area. Should also credit the makers for incorporating the plot into film history.

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There is a shock in the cover of the film, and the stack is well done. However, the film is predictable at first, which reduces the noise a bit. If the director manages to avoid this, the film will hit its mark. However, the experience is good and deserves recognition from film fans in Canada.