“Grand Crew” Review: A sitcom where a group of friends channel their love and life through lots of wine

Five friends are actually hanging out at their usual place in Los Angeles. Noah (Echo Kellam) goes there with a maid and thinks she is a guard. His friends, including his somewhat reserved sister. Nikki (Nicole Bayer) makes fun of him just because he actually seems to say that about everyone he dates. Her life is arranged one by one. And she firmly believes in its principles. Such as sweet encounters and exciting destiny.

Wyatt (Justin Cunningham) is happy to get out of the dating world:

But his marriage made him believe in the romantic ideas that Noah believed in. Roommates Sherm (Carl Tart) and also Anthony (Aaron Jennings) are actually more cynical and think “he has to solve this”. Unfortunately for his friends, Noah says he will ask her to marry him.

When this inevitably broke in his face, they had to look around to find a new bar to drink from. Meanwhile, Nikki, who has no idea of ​​her brother’s romance, worries that the man she is dating is a Republican after he scoffs, “Thanks, Obama!” said.

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During the conversation. Noah tries to reach someone at Wyatt’s birthday party. But a phone call from his ex leaves him facing a carefree version of the relationship he can’t stand. The group settles down at a wine bar. Where Sherm surprises everyone by offering hints for a glass of Taxi tasting.

Finally, Anthony is annoyed that Sherm is not paying his share of fees and is not working. They met through Noah, and Sherm told Anthony. That sometimes he felt he didn’t get along with the rest of the band. Because he was mean but never went to college, and Anthony thought Sherm didn’t think he was black enough. However, before they could speak, they slapped their faces.

Created by Phil Augusta Jackson and longtime Brooklyn Nine-Nine boss Dan Gur:

Grand Crew started well with the first two episodes. In the second episode, the Sherm, Anthony, and Wyatt try to make each other cry to see “emotional genitals”. But most of the episode is Nikki trying to teach Noah to take care of herself, but she keeps seeing a woman named Faye (Gracie Mercedes) and assumes it’s fate. But he becomes part of the crew when he doesn’t even remember Noah, but he and Nikki quickly become friends.

So, while the first two episodes didn’t feature the entire cast of the six main leads, there’s enough evidence in this episode that the show will be fun, and the band has good chemistry with each other. It’s also an excellent antidote to the over-white off-road show that has been showing on network television for the last 30 years. Each character has a personality, and the fun part comes mainly from the personalities and choices of the characters. That’s always a really good sign in the new age comedy.

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With the situation still improving – the wine bar in the first episode, Faye in the second – it’s hard to tell if there will be a true story or just six friends hanging out. Will there be sparks between Faye and Noah? Will Sherm and Anthony be as much bromance as Turk and JD do scrub? You don’t have to make much progress in character arcs in a show like this, but character humour gets old without some arc.

Goor is an old hat after studying with Mike Schur.

With his leadership, Jackson must perfect these characters so that the characters in B99 grow and change. But while there aren’t many changes in the show’s first season, it’s fine as long as the episodes are as fun and warm as the first two.

Grand Crew has something to love like American sitcom rookies, but it still takes time to find its way. But at least the show will be fun to watch because it finds its comedic underpinnings.