‘Generation Hustle’ Review: A doctor about people who rushed and cheated their way towards wealth and power

Film stock footage through the projector and audience that reacts to what they see on the big screen. One of them is that fraud served. It is very complicated and involved that they cannot help.

The second reason is that scammer or scammers are always caught. We especially like to show that angry victims get scammed. But simultaneously impressive on scammer capabilities. A new HBO MAX document, Generation Hustle, has ten stories like that.

Generation Hustle is a 10-part document about how people rushed to get money, fame, and power:

Often through fraud targeted at other people looking for the same things. Manufactured by Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Production. Five different filmmakers directed the ten episodes.

Yon Motskin directed the first episode, “Hollywood Con Queen”. Told stories about fraudsters involving someone who imitated Wendi Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife. The sound, on the other hand, the phone will captivate the photographer, a scenario writer, and a presenter.

To travel to Indonesia with their change to become part of a magnificent project. Along the way, the person will persuade the victims to take money for permission. And other things they need to do their work.

Meanwhile, they never deposited the payment they promised for this project. Into their accounts. And they give conflicting calls. From “Wendi” and his assistant. Playing “good police” and “bad police” if there were questions.

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In the Gregory Mandaro scenario and the co-writer of David Blue, they have face-to-face interactions. The Chinese film company representatives give them input.

On scripts and make changes that make it better. But when investigators Nicoletta Kotssanasan held the case. He found that the operation that seemed to be this complex was not visible.

Other episodes concentrate on individuals, such as the concert Ian Bick, Heiress fake Anna Sorokin. Co-founder of Adam Neumann, Phony Saudi Prince Anthony Gignac, and Scam Rapper Teejayx6.

By making a generation of rushed anthological series:

Various filmmakers can tell their stories interesting that their stories move. The first episode, about Hollywood Con Queen, is an exciting hour. Mainly because most skin people speak for episodes it is not an idiot.

They are people who, as mentioned in episodes, in Coripice broke out in their various professions. They are on the verge of choosing and choosing their project. And when they get a call from this scam artist, they are ready to see what’s next.

The victims were not treated with mercy. And they did not seem to beat themselves; They hate falling because of this scheme, of course. But they were impressed with how complicated the fraud was.

Do not provide too much detail, but the people they hear on the phone are men and women. With various accents – including America – which sounds authentic.

When scammers (s) do not include manufacturers and mogul celebrities. They choose people – like Wendi Murdoch and Laurene jobs – whose voices are not famous.

We hope that nine other episodes are as interesting as this. Using exciting visuals such as storyboards. Still used in episode 1. The main interest lies in Weworme episode. It’s given that Hulu has its documentary film about Neumann. We are happy to hear about complicated fraud mechanisms.

And how they attract people who are not too different from Her / Hers scammers. We want to see our episode as similar to the first.

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It doesn’t try to feel sorry for scammer victims but don’t let them beat themselves. In many ways, appreciating this game is far more interesting than checking the victim of the game.

If you are a fan watching a documentary about an “anatomy scam”. Then Generation Hustle has ten different stories to choose from.