“Four to Dinner” Review: Rome Italy commission with soulmate ideas in mind

In Four to Dinner, or four met, a Slikom Doors-style Italian rom-com now streaming on Netflix, a happy husband and wife debate the existence of soulmates and what the term means. By bringing their four unrelated friends together and telling different variations of the same story, we can see how many seasons of the year different couples need.

And how the notion of “same spirit” really affects who we end up with.

Fortunately, the couple Luca (Flavio Furno) and Sara (Marta Gastini) have dinner with a group of friends. As they get together, they argue for and against the existence of the same spirit. And Luke agrees to tell a story that may help them slide in one direction or another.

Some time ago, Luca and Sarah had lonely friends Julia (Matilde Jolie). Dario (Giuseppe Maggio), Matteo (Matteo Martari) and Chiara (Ilenia Pastoreli) for lunch at their new home. The couple plans to reconcile with those who think they are reasonable. And we first see Dario and Julia flirting while Mateo and Chiara start a romantic relationship. However, before we dive too deep into this relevant love story, let’s move on to another version of this relationship.

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In a parallel story, Mateo and Julia build something beautiful. While Dario and Chiara stab each other in the head. While hiding their feelings for each other. We are slowly starting to understand that these different couples fully understand the different stages of life these individuals go through, making the definition of a soul mate, as one might understand it, confusing. In the process of showing everyone “what if” and everything in between. Four to dinner tries to find a new meaning for the word.

Matilde Jolie put on the most captivating performance in the film as Julia, a lively, lively woman who brings a unique energy to her every encounter.

Jolie has that unforgettable little glow in her eyes that captivates even the most straightforward conversations with a faint look or an infectious laugh. It’s exciting to see her here with her two potential partners, especially since they wear a lot of different things from Jolie as a performer. One moment he’s cautious and sarcastic, and the next, he pours his heart out on pizza. You really couldn’t ask for more.

The Four to Dinner idea is very interesting:

One we have seen many times at Romcoms; are soulmates real? Or is it all just a matter of time? Four to dinner argues that both statements could be factual; We have many soulmates, and our need for them depends on the time we live.

Unfortunately, the film’s structure doesn’t bother him; Switching between love stories played a confusing rather than meaningful role, and we ended up scratching a bit about what it was. Despite the story and script issues, however, the cast. Especially the four in the middle of all of this.

That is great at filling their scenes together and separately with believable emotions and hearty laughs. Each partner brings something unique and exciting to the table, be it simmering chemistry or suppressed s*xual tension. Despite its strong cast, Four to Dinner is worth looking at, but ultimately unforgettable, weighed down by a pointless structure and confusing script.

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Four to dinner is ambitious but ultimately delivers mediocre results. Despite the screaming actors’ chemistry, this film doesn’t make a big impression.

There’s no particularly memorable dialogue in Four to Dinner. However, the introduction is goofy: “We’re going to tell a little story and you can finally tell us whether you still believe in like-minded people or not!”