Four More Shots Please Season 2 Review: Story of four friends and their mistakes

Cast: Kriti Kulhari, Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Maanvi Gagroo

Director: Nupur Asthana

Rating: 2 stars out of 5

The Four More Shots Please Season 1 was a blast and is coming back with Season 2 as well. Bravado comes in Season 1 in a good manner in all the forms, even in Four More Shots Please Season 2 too.

Sometimes, its impression is beyond the boundaries. The Four More Shots Please Season 1 ended with a significant setback between the four, even they have not made up in Season 2.

Siddhi, the child of the group of four, did an emotional phone call from the Bosphorus River’s bridge. Then, the group gets back together and flies to Voila and Istanbul.

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Whereas, they are enjoying themselves there, traveling around Istanbul’s cobbled streets, taking selfies. The gulf on baklava and take love’s pledge at Galata Tower. But this word is troubling to everyone on the go.

Istanbul is a tourist friendly place, while the group of Four More Shots Please Season 2 is very loud and artificial. It looks like the jokes and the paronomasia over expenses of each other are vigors. The emotions with hugs and companionship don’t even look true. It is the inarguable feeling of deja-vu which can be seen around.

However, the four started talking about each other’s personal lives and collecting information as well. They got to know that:

  • Sayani Gupta acts as Damini Rizvi Roy. She is working on a book.
  • Kirti Kulhari acts as Anjana Menon. She is right now in a relationship with a man.
  • Bani J acts as Umang. She is going through her lover’s sorrow, actor Samara Kapoor’s rejection of her. Lisa Ray performed Samara’s role.
  • Maanvi Gagroo acts as Siddhi Patel. She is backpacking to Europe on her parent’s money.

The ‘Four More Shots Please Season 2’ revolves around the lead four and sorting the problems that exist between these four.

Furthermore, Anjana is an established corporate lawyer. She has a new boss. She suddenly comes to the end of several ‘lady jokes’ and slips into a time of month comment.

Anjana quits with a grudge against the evil. It is not easy to accept that this is for the first time for Anjana to witness misogyny and sexism at her workplace.

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Despite the latest ‘woke’ work culture and the #metoo movement, harassment at the workplace is still an effortless way out for many women. What does Anjana do about it? Nothing! She said. And when she joins the next firm as a senior partner, all are honorable.

Moreover, Retro fitter – it is the word that comes to mind mostly after watching Season two of Four More Shots Please.

It seems that everything you saw on Twitter last year was trending, custom-tailored to fit the show’s still premise.

The book of Damini is based on the murder of Judge Damodaran. The question that arose in that book is whether Judge Loya’s real-life murder rings a bell? Moreover, a comment takes place over the real-time political scenario that no one is ready to publish her book as it’s threatening for them.

While, in all cunning into Damini called an ‘anti-national ‘and ‘presstitute,’ which takes place on a conflict in a fiery celebration. It is never told that Why and how a book on the threat of murder of a judge is considered ‘anti-national.’

Siddhi is finding herself. She tries her hand at stand-up comedy after repeatedly interrupting at a local bar. This triggers an intense flashback to season one of Marvelous Maisel, where the Midge goes head-to-head with Randall, another comic stands up. They drag a muzzle on Hitler and the Reichstag.

The Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning show have many issues that white advantage is worried about.

While here, the punchline, “Par main toh privileged hun naa… material kahan se aayega,” is used as an advantage.

Siddhi and her batch of friends said that punchline is there in a plush salon priming her hair and nails.

While, It is described as fictional and playfulness. Four More Shots Please Season 2 works in a fantasist manner, in which gay marriage is accepted readily, and there is no comeback about the Bollywood A-lister.

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There is talk of desperation and a lot of fun in this show. They brought up Ant since last season; perhaps the manufacturers read several reviews that surfaced. What’s difficult in a female bond?

Why can’t they make it? For whatever length of time, it is not about being drunk and talking about sex – that is the pole star from which this group unconsciously fulfills itself.

Sure we punish and innuendos as much as people do, but there are also long phone calls about a new film, new show, or a new recipe. At the starting of this year, the Little Woman won awards and hearts with her modern-day delivery of Louisa May Alcott’s novel.

Meanwhile, here, Four More Shots Please Season 2, despite a female director, female listener, writer, and even a female DOP, even a sympathy node fails to feature.

Four More Shots Please Season 2’s fashion director has a special note.

The costumes are similar to Project Runway’s auditions were holding on.

If the past year has taught us anything, it will not be for the exclusive glamour real story and lack of real characters.

Moreover, most of the big stars and their productions recorded a terrific performance at the box-office. Bard of Blood makes bombs with its mass production in the streaming world and wins a Family Man for its authenticity.

Amazon Prime Video’s very panchayat has received a lot of love, its authentic focus on Indian rural life. While, it is probably built at a third of the amount of Four More Shots; the panchayat has a better return on investment for the streaming service and the audience. If you are still not going, then go to the panchayat.