“Everybody Loves Natti” Review: Bringing Life to Regatta Stars

Everybody Loves Natti (Amazon Prime) is a six-part documentary series that follows the life and work of Natti Natasha, a Dominican reggaeton singer who Miami now calls her home. Nati herself is your companion in her personal life with the manager and fiancé Rafi Pina, the great reggaeton business states and the challenges she faces in her goal of starting a family.

A woman introduces herself to the camera. She has long black hair, full makeup and a dress with prints. “My name is Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista. Or, as you probably know me,” and she said it with one swing and hit her mark with a triumphant smile, “Nati Natasha”. And the action took place in Nati’s home country, Dominica. Republic.

For the featured episode of their six-part documentary series:

Global reggaeton hitmaker Nati Natasha started from scratch when she was a child in DR with big hearts and dreams. He made his way to America, where he eventually emerged through trial and error in the 2012 song “Dutty Love” by Puerto Rican superstar Don Omar. (You may know Omar as Rico in The Fast & the Furious.) Since then, Nati has created a stir by racking up gaudy streaming numbers for singles with Latin hits like Daddy Yankee (“Otra Cosa”), Becky G.) and Ozuna (“criminal”).

He also hired Rafi Pina as his manager, and the professional relationship became a personal one. Nati said the media and fans have always associated her romantically with her musical counterparts, and Pina said her career needed to keep their relationship secret, in part to “keep illusions”. “I am very private. I am very careful,” said Nati. “But I really want to tell the world about my relationship!”

While Nati and Rafi are working on releasing their novel, Everyone is spinning them around to prepare for the release of Nattividad, their second feature film and the sequel to IlumiNATTI 2019. It’s a record they hope to see their worldwide success build on Latin American music and designed for the English-speaking American market. There’s a lot to consider with music videos, label requirements, TV reservations, and promotional links. But there is an even bigger surprise: Nati and Rafi become parents.

Natti is a refreshing presence in her interview:

Share your personal and professional experiences with a powerful combination of English, Spanish and hand gestures. From her beginnings in the music industry trying to gain attention in New York City, Nati was sincere. “My parents called and said, ‘Are you okay?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m fine, I’m fine – everything is fine. But no. The truth is I have no bullshit, no place to stay, no food unless people help me, Thank goodness , in white. An SUV parked in the driveway, Nati has been equally open about her goals for crossover success. By saying she is important as an artist representing the Latino community in different parts of the world for “The Latin American Market”. To the American market and stop showing your love for the Latin American market, you want trouble with the fans.”

Whether or not Natti will follow in the footsteps of someone like Shakira remains to be seen. But it’s a great catch to catch Everybody Loves Natti. And it’s clear that the documentary series is on Amazon Prime. Which is part of that push for a more significant professional presence. But as a couple, Nati and Rafi also have great chemistry. And the first episode reaches an emotional end when the sonogram shows their baby for the first time. “He looks like he’s dancing there!” shouted Natti. “He got it from his mother!”

His growing fan base for Everybody Loves Natti will be here. But the singer turned out to have an attractive appearance, and the editing style of Reality TV Everyone will give her a familiar feeling to many viewers.