‘Enemy’ Movie Review: Vishal and Arya continue to fix the horns in this ordinary action drama, but we don’t care why

In the last minutes of Anand Shankar’s friend. The Chozhan (Vishal) asks his son about his wish. The boy thought for a bit in the moment and then said something very close. “I want to fight like the Batman, and be very funny like Shin Chan and act like the Kik Butovsky…etc.”

I wonder if this eclectic combination is a real inspiration for the movie Enemy.

Anand Shankar’s Enemy with Vishal and Arya are an ordinary stereotypical action drama that laughs at logic and those who does expect for the same.

Chojan (Vishal) had a very dull childhood all thanks to his “Ramalingam Risk” (Tambi Ramaya). Everything was a risk for the Ramalingham. And by that he meant Chozhan had to stick actually to his pre home-school-home routine. Enters the Rajiv (Arya) and his father Paari (Prakash Raj).

Who move to Uti and become Chozhan’s neighbours. Paari, a former CBI employee, finally trains his only son to become an honest police officer. Chozhan, fascinated by what Rajiv does, and finally joins him. Chozhan actually turns out to be much better than Rajiv, which causes Rajiv’s great jealousy.

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But killed one day, Money. To avoid all the complications for his family, Ramalingham had to move to Singapore. The enemies disperse to meet under the very different circumstances around 25 years after.

There are so many questions to ask yourself when watching the movie Enemy. The answer will always be: he is a hero. For example, Chozhan runs a supermarket. How do I get the equipment needed to enter the Mission Impossible building? The answer is simple Chozhan is our hero.

He can do anything! He could make the plane wait for him like a bus. It can make a faucet pop out of nowhere. How did Choyan find out about Rajiv’s private life, something he was hiding from the world?

In this universe, the police are just the place where Chojan and Rajiv spread. But of course we don’t have to worry about that. This experience taught us about the 70 year old Tamiz cinema.

So it became clear that the women in the film weren’t going to do much.

For a competition film, the similarities between Choyan and Rajiv are fairly in a flat and also one-dimensional. And Rajiv, like every other villain in the Tamil cinema industry, doesn’t want to be the best to be scolded. For a minute he was a refugee from Interpol.

For another minute he fights with Choyan for the five-star chocolate he lost in his childhood. To appreciate Arya, according to her, this character is better than in her writing.

Its not that the rest of the film is any better than this. The emotional shock is everywhere. Important decisions are made for us with or without context. There is an enemy of China. Much is said about Tamil McCall and his community. Do not go anywhere.

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Writing is so complex that in the information which is repeated. In this movie, it’s actually even nice to have the flickering off in the background because, hey, look how shiny and elegant our movie is!

The film shows how Ramalingham reacts to all the “risky situations”. He is so reluctant to take the risk by breaking the coconut or by putting it in a sack. So the pieces can’t hurt him. And I keep wondering what he would say if someone asked him to guard the enemy.

The Tamil Nadu government recently increased theater employment by 100 percent. The entire city of Chennai was shrouded in an unprecedented smog. The riskiest part, however, is watching the Enemy with logical expectations.