Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 2: Is the series coming up?

What started as a mod called Defense of Ancients for Warcraft III: The rule of chaos in the year 2003 has become a multimedia empire for valves.

Dota 2, Currently ruling as one of the most popular online (MOBA) Battle Arena games on the planet, raises multi-million dollar esports tournaments and a significant direct streaming platform model. With DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Valve and Netflix brought Dota’s world to anime.

Legend of Korra Animation Company Studio Mir and Netflix Animation, and Valve are the producers of the series:

This new franchisor was inspired by the knowledge found in MOBA. A serious narrative expansion of this universe. Introducing backstories for not only some of our characters Learn from the game but also Dewi and Dragon. They ruled the world Dota outside the Fana realm.

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This series not only functions as a story from Dota Hero Davion, The Dragon Knight (Yuri Lowenthal), but also perfects many favourite characters of fans such as Mirana (Lara Pulver), Luna (Kari Wahlgren), and Invoker (Troy Baker)). Even terror blade (JB Blanc) gets his time to shine in the 8th series of episodes.

While the “story” Dota 2 is mainly told through the description of heroes and gods in the game. The blood dragons try to combine all this knowledge into a coherent storyline.

That mainly revolves around Macguffin, known as Lotus. The sacred interest said to restore Dewi The missing month known as Mée when planted on the ground by a mysterious figure known as Invoker.

The only problem is that Lotus-Lotus is very protected by other Moon Dewi, Selense (Alix Wilton Regan). Who was in vain and somewhat cruel, and Princess Mirana and Moon’s soldier ordered Luna.

When Elf named Fymryn stole some of this Lotus from Mirana to fulfill the prophecy:

That might bring back Mée, the goddess of the people worshiped, he turned on the war between humans and the elevated competition.

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While Mirana searched to recover the stolen Lotus, Luna and the dark month’s command began to slaughter ELF without mercy as a punishment.

Meanwhile, we met Davion for his adventure as a Dragon Knight. A hunter vowed to protect humanity from mythical creatures who terrorized their land.

But when he met Slyrak The Bucket Eldwyrm, a strong elder in the struggle for his life against the Satan Terorblade, Davion suddenly found life. The creature intertwined his mission. That was training throughout his life.

The line finally met, leading to great betrayal, bends, and many sequences of extraordinary battles. We even got a little romance before the first season rises.

There is also Cliffhanger which ends that we will not ruin here. This is arguably the most significant moment of the first season, but the screen fades into the black before seeing it resolved.

So, will there be DOTA: Dragon Dragon season 2 to continue this story? While Netflix has not officially updated the series, the second season does sound like, at least in work.

Robert Meyer Burnett, Editor Animatic on the show. It confirmed that he worked on 24 episodes of shows. Which could mean there would be at least two additional “books”. If the next instalment followed eight structures – the episode as book 1.

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Assuming the viewer number is where Netflix wants them, the possibility of Dota fans will get other dragon blood instalments at some point in the future. Maybe even in 2022? We hope that because we want to know what Invoker does.