Dom Review: Where a police officer faced his son’s idea of being one of the most sought-after Brazil

We saw a young man dancing, loaded, and approached a random woman on the floor. A beautiful young woman passed and hit her, but she was a girlfriend of the local medicine gang leader, so she blocked her. He took another woman to the alley, snorted Coke from his shoulder, and they began to overcome it.

The storyline of the series:

Meanwhile, Victor Dantas (Flávio Toleh), a civil police member, was in his apartment in the Copacabana neighborhood, wondering where his son Pedro (Gabriel Leone).

He told his daughter Laura (Mariana Cerrone) that she would go to Favela to find her and transport her anesthetized ass, but Laura warned her father that she might kill her if she entered the heart of the drug area, blinking. Badges and weapons.

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Victor managed to drag Pedro out, but not before the confrontation was tense with a pistol gang. He handcuffed Pedro to his bed, so he didn’t get up and wander. While Pedro bed, Victor began writing his story on his laptop.

We returned to 1970 when Victor was a teenager (Filipe Bragança). Who tried to get his diving certification. In one of his training, he found the body from one of the police expert divers. And he brought the body to the beach. While some low-level officers thought Victor had something to do with it.

Their Colonel (Wilson Rabelo), who was the name of the password Arcanjjo. He saw something with Victor and was interested to be a diver. But Arcanjo fought against “different wars,” and want Victor diving for him. After fighting with his father, Victor decided to take a colonel on his offer.

Victor was placed in a beach resort and diving to map the buoy used by drug smugglers.

One time he saw a massive decline of many packages. He was hit by a waiter named Paloma (Julia Konrad), who turned out to be an Interpol agent. He explained to Victor that he would signal him when he took a massive drop of Coke.

Back in 1999, Pedro was nervous at home. He swore to his father to go to Na, but he instead stole his laptop. Returned to Favela, and bought a punch. He and his Buddy Lico (Ramon Francisco) snorted and returned to the outside club. Where he saw Jasmin (Raquel Villar), the girl he saw before.

However, this time, he slapped him to dance with him, and Pedro got a gun to his head. This is true as Victor, who has claimed to be out of the Narcotics Police business. He was recruited by the Colonel to infiltrate. The source of Colombian drugs that came to Brazil.

Dom, made by Breno Silveira, was the first Brazilian series of Amazon. And it made a good foundation in the first episode. Even though it feels like Victor’s writing about his choice in life is too dramatic. The rest of the first episode that features does tries to show. How Victor is more or less falling to fight drug trafficking entering Brazil. And it also organizes his relationship with Pedro.

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We don’t know how Pedro becomes “Pedro Dom,”:

One of the most sought-after thieves in the country. The only thing called Dom was Lico, and we saw a little glimpse. Of how they both became friends when Victor faced Lico’s mother. There, Victor faced with the fact that. Even though Pedro was raised in privileges compared to Lico.

So, when we go back and forth between 1970 and 1999. We will see how Victor’s relationship with his father took him. One way and how Pedro’s relationship with Victor took him to the opposite road. There is a lot of animal food here, but we are unsure whether these stories will be lost. In the action and planning of young Victor police operations and Pedro robbery efforts.

We hope that Victor / Pedro Dynamic developed a little more to make DOM. More than just a standard police drama. There are promising signs in the first episode. But we are still skeptical that the development of characters will get any deeper.