Do Not Disturb Season 3: The story has just begun, a lot more is left

What occurs in the room of a cutting-edge Gujarati couple? Try not to Disturb is the way into this inquiry. Maulik and Meera are contemporary Gujarati couples living with Maulik’s folks.

Insights of the Season 1 of Do Not Disturb:

Maulik is your run-of-the-mill Amdavadi kid – loves food, regards customs, celebrating with his companions, keeps his folks above everything, and loves his significant other.

Meera is a Gujarati young lady and a Mumbai-chi multi on the most fundamental level. She’s reformist, present-day, and venerates her hubby.

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Try not to Disturb rejuvenates the cozy discussions between the couple. The distinction in sentiments and the characteristic of an effective relationship, the trade-offs they make for their adoration.

Insights of the scenes of Season 1 of Do Not Disturb:

Scene 1 – US WaalaMaasi

It’s Saturday night, and Meera and Maulik are good to go for some end of the week sentiment, which may get hindered by US waala Maasi

Additionally, including Sheila kijawani and LBD.

Scene 2 – Holiday

What happens when Maulik and Meera are getting ready for the occasion they never took, for the nth time? The battle is genuine.

Likewise including An old tee, ‘solo travel’ and Sonali kaki no babo

Scene 3 – Reunion

So Maulik and Meera are back from a school get-together gathering that one has appreciated, and one hasn’t. Additionally includes a short being a tease episode.

Additionally, including A hot school companion, an abnormal photograph, and grin phenyl.

Scene 4 – Pillow Ka Shooter

So… nothing has changed… except the room (Meera’s place), the pad, and solace level of Maulik!

Additionally highlighting: Broccoli, Uno cards, and tissue.

Scene 5 – Office Outing

Highlighting a spouse, pressing hot garments for an office trip, and a somewhat terrified husband.

Likewise highlighting: Insecurity, rationale and a took

Scene 6 – Male Ego

Everything was going fine until Meera wore heels at a family work and predominated Maulik’s male inner self!

Likewise including Salary slips, foot back rub, and Mr. Ideal’s brother by marriage.

Insights of the Season 2 of Do Not Disturb: 

They say 7 is a fortunate number. There are 7 days in seven days, 7 oceans, and 7 shades of the rainbow. Maulik and Meera are unconscious of what will hit them, presently that their blessed moly marriage is 7 years of age! Indeed.

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An exemplary in the middle of not too youthful and not too old but rather very nearly turmoil highlighting the personality wants, society, and the need to reexamine while having a great time! In this way, in Do Not Disturb Season 2, while we keep on peeping inside the room of Maulik and Meera and see the franticness unfurl, we likewise venture out with them and see them manage the world and some of the actual time.

Insights of the episodes of Season 2 of Do Not Disturb:

Scene 1 – Oh My Sweat-Heart

The scourge of the thirties – decreased digestion.

What happens to Maulik’s forswearing when Meera chooses to put him on a severe wellbeing system.

Hashtag sweat-soaked is the new provocative!

Scene 2 – I Am completely serious.

What comes to pass when Maulik and Meera have a Sunday early lunch with their companions who are additionally now crazies-for-their-infants guardians? A discussion you would prefer not to miss.

Hashtag trigger alarm

Scene 3 – Rock N Role… Play

If temperament helps you remember an Instagram sticker, want helps you remember a vehicle, and the solitary warmth that you have on the bed is that of a warming cushion for the spinal pain, you realize that the scourge of excessively agreeable to-have intercourse has arrived! Meera needs to shake things up, and Maulik is, indeed, shaken.

Hashtag the three Ts of dreams

Scene 4 – Gud Not Good

It’s an exemplary instance of a birthday supper at Meera’s parent’s home and Maulik’s 1000 inquiries concerning the menu. However, this time, we have a cherry on the cake! An odd disclosure about the primary gathering with guardians 7 years prior!

Hashtag aakhir Hua kya tha?

Scene 5 – Sup, Bro!

The jigarkatukda sibling has come from the US and what we have is a consistently abnormal and uncertain spouse, ideal and regional sibling, and an enthusiastic sister. Pause, we additionally have a separation to manage!

Hashtag conclusion

Scene 6 – Are You Ready?

A few inquiries don’t have answers. Like for what reason do we have birthday celebrations for one-year-olds? What is an ideal birthday present for a one-year-old? Watch Maulik and Meera discover answers to these inquiries while confronted with the greatest inquiry of their lives!

The hashtag would you say you are prepared?

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Insights of the Season 3 of Do Not Disturb: 

Try not to Disturb is back with a season 3 to give you a peep further into their lives. Within room insider facts, the emotional meltdown show, and the external world dramatization all pressed together in Do Not Disturb.

When will Do Not Disturb Season 3 arrive?

Do Not Disturb Season 1 was released on 26 July 2019. Subsequently, the Season 2 of Do Not Disturb was released on 22 December 2020

We can expect the series to return with Season 3 of Do Not Disturb around, mid or post mid of the year 2021.