DNC’s Second Night: Key Points and What You Missed

Democratic party’s keynote event DNC is one of the best ways to unify all the party members under a single banner. Held every four years before the election to showcase their ideas and vision, DNC offers an insight on the party’s current stand. However, this year’s convention is unique in its ways. The first time the Democratic party is organizing a webinar-like online conference amid the tensions from the ongoing global pandemic. But that’s not all that’s unique, the second night of DNC 2020 had more to offer than usual. So let’s go through these points one-by-one.


17-Person Keynote Speech

Democrats were not in a mood to let the technological advantage go waste from the very start of the keynote event. The curtain raiser of the second night being a keynote speech by not one or two but a whopping seventeen ‘rising stars’ of the party. The main focus of this unique starter was to showcase the diversity of the party’s ideology and future. However, a spread roaster meant that star-speakers like Bill Clinton got a shorter time slot than usual.


Bridging the Generational Gap

We often talk about the gap between different generations, but Democrats were wise in using the divide in their favor. Young leaders like Ocasio-Cortez discuss issues like declining morals, mass movements, and health care, while the elders like Bill Clinton directly put Trump’s attitude on the target. The whole event was a result of meticulous planning and implementation.


Allies from the GOP

We can all agree that Trump’s term in the President’s office has been disappointing for some Republicans too. To help build Joe Biden’s image, Cindy McCain was the guest from the GOP on the second night. Widow of the 2008 nominee, John McCain, strongly voiced the need for the change and touted Biden’s morals. 


Jill Biden’s Emotional Curtain Call

If the keynote was not impressive enough, you need to listen to Jill Biden’s speech. She was speaking from a classroom in Delaware she chose the perfect stage to connect to ordinary people. Her speaking skills were also evident from her perfectly crafted speech. Without mentioning Donald Trump directly, she laid the stark differences between the current President and her husband. In her own words,” How do you make a broken family whole? The same way you make a nation whole, With love and understanding, and with small acts of compassion; with bravery; with unwavering faith.”


The second night of the DNC puts the party in strong contention to ride the USA’s anti-incumbency wave. But still, only the results will show how much of these efforts were successful. 


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