The 2020 Democratic National Convention begins today; here’s what you need to know

Democratic National Convention will start from 9 pm to 11 pm eastern time, From Monday (17th August 2020) to Thursday (20th August 2020)- That is 6:30 am to 8:30 am in India.

Originally convention was planned to be hosted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but due to Pandemic it will be streamed online.

The whole convention will be streamed online on the democratic National Convention Website ( also by major American news organizations, which includes The New York Times. They added the facility of “Chat based lived analysis” by the reporters & “real time highlights from the speeches.”

The convention will also be on YouTube, Facebook& Twitter. Convention will be live on major US tv cable networks.

DNC’s Significance 

DNC is a platform for the presidential candidates to directly connect with the voters.

It includes theatrics & pageantry. 

When these conventions were held with the physical presence of the people, they are allowed for photo & networking opportunities. It was open for not only local politicians & public figures but also for Voters. Now the convention will be held virtually, which means most of the attendees won’t be able to engage this way.

On 18th August – Jill Biden will speak along with the Former President Bill Clinton & former secretary of state John Kerry.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s pre-recorded speech will be broadcasted too.        

On 19th August – Speaker’s list are as follows-

a.Former secretary of state & 2016 democratic nominee- HILLARY CLINTON

b. Former President – BARAK OBAMA 

c. Speaker of US House of Representatives – NANCY PELOSI

d. Massachusetts Senator – ELIZABETH WARREN 

e. Democratic Presidential candidate: KAMALA HARRIS

On 20th August- The Final Day of the convention, Other candidates will get a chance to speak  who are dropped in this presidential race 2020.

Former city mayor Michael Bloomberg 

Senator Cory booker from new jersey 

Former mayor of South Bend

Indiana Pete Buttigieg

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang.