Did You Know? Kelly Osbourne Was About To Host The 2019 Emmy Awards

According to the article “Kelly Osbourne Admits Hosting The Emmys Now”, Kelly Osbourne told HollywoodLife that she will be hosting the Emmy Awards 2019 now that she is sober and not fighting with addiction. The star was reportedly scheduled to host the event and she did confirm the same after declaring her sobriety.

She also told HollywoodLife that she is a bit nervous about the same, however, she wants to do it. Also reported in the above-mentioned article. “In addition to handling her emotions well, Kelly said it’s an added stress worrying about what’s the proper dress to wear. Osbourne claimed it’s so easy to sit and contemplate whether it was the right decision or not”.

Also reported by celebrityinsider.com, Kelly said that she thinks that the main thing is to have a great time and put on a good show. Even though she was reportedly excited to host the event, there was no official host at the 2019 Emmy’s. Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert poked fun at the fact that there was no official host for the event. The video for the same is there on the official YouTube channel of FOX.

However, Osbourne did attend the event and personified glamour in a black cutaway gown while her mother Sharon Osbourne flaunted her fourth facelift at the red carpet of the event.

What are your thoughts about the whole situation? Was it a good move to not have an official host at the 2019 Emmy’s? Do let us know what you think in the comments below.