“Crime Stories: India Detectives” Review: A sacrow after the Bangalore police detective when they investigate violent crime

Crime Stories: Indian Detectives is a four-episode document that follows various sets of Bangalore police detectives to solve violent crime.

Three episodes of murder features and one kidnapped baby feature. This is one of the first times that the audience in this part of the world. When it becomes at a glance at the inner work of the police working in continental children.

The plot and the storyline:

In the first episode, a 52-year-old mother is stabbed to death in her home and her son is seriously injured. Manoi Kumar, a deputy police inspector, interrogated his son at the hospital. He immediately said that his sister Amruta was a 33-year-old computer engineer. He doesn’t know why he killed his mother and stabbed her. But he does know that he was depressed at some point in his life.

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He has left the city, and given his level of education, Kumar and his colleagues believe he can avoid arrest. His phone records show that he spoke to a man named Sridhar Rao, and after looking at his social networks.

They compared a motorbike on his Facebook event to one seen outside Amruta’s house on the night of the murder. The two immediately boarded a plane to the Andamans.

When they followed the two and returned to Bangalore, Kumar interrogated them both. But the interrogation became a disappointment when Sridhar confessed to nothing. More than having another girlfriend he wanted to marry. When Amruta is questioned. The truth seems to emerge but does not satisfy the detectives. The idea is that Sridhar “brainwashed” Amruta into carrying out his orders. As he seems unable to carry out such an act himself.

We have a hidden suspicion that not all scenes in Crime Stories: Indian Detectives happen in real-time. In the first episode, it seemed like there were too many situations. Where someone was talking on the phone or staring at a scrolling computer screen to make us believe. They had found these clues when they turned the camera.

Even the interrogation felt strange, mainly because it seemed so casual.

The suspects were shown almost peacefully over his shoulder into Kumar’s office. They stood there like underlings and reported what they found. When Kumar doesn’t get the answer he wants. He threatens to kick the camera out and get the answer one way or another. But the fact that these murder suspects are so eager to get the director to talk to them. And show them interrogations and admit. What they did on camera is appalling for us in this country.

But what intrigued us about the show was how India’s ever-evolving. But still creaky cultural norms regarding gender and marriage infiltrated the detectives’ investigative process. Kumar asks Amruta’s brother why he never married. And all the male detectives find the idea that he killed his mother absurd. Despite Sridhar’s shock when he heard from Amruta’s mother and Amruta’s insistence. That she knew nothing about it, the detectives were convinced. That she had brainwashed him into acting. And he was charged with murder with her.

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Another exciting part of this investigation is that the police don’t seem to fully understand. How distressed Amruta is because he killed his mother and tried to kill his brother. Because he didn’t want him to kill himself afterwards. Is that irrational? However, this doesn’t seem like a plausible reason, at least not plausible enough, to release Sridhar. This is a woman with some serious mental health issues. But rejected most of them.

It will be interesting to see more random research into Indian cultural norms in the other three episodes. The point of this is: will the audience get goosebumps here. Or are they just noticing that not everyone in every country thinks the way they do?

Despite some embarrassing moments and creeping suspicion. Many of the remade scenes “Crime Story: Detective India” give a good impression of how the police do their job in India’s big cities.