‘Coyote’ Review: A Thriller About Teen Scouts Find Stolen Diamonds At Their Summer Camp

The man in the car took out his rifle, and just as he was about to do something, he heard someone running through the forest. It looks like a teenager; When the boy disappeared. The man cursed and returned to his cabin to find. That the diamond he had hidden in his safe had disappeared.

Then we see a bus full of boy scouts driving through the same forest at noon.

They go to summer camp, where they are divided into teams with animal names and compete against each other to find out which group has the best survival skills. The Coyote are a very secretive group and have new members: Kevin (Luca Minella), Furrett’s best friend (Kassim Meisters) and the younger brother of scout leader Doberman (Felix Vanorenberge).

Kevin has a drug problem, and his father catches him trying to sneak into the camp. Doberman wanted to make sure his brother didn’t mix this up, so he was very strict with him.

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Meanwhile, Mark Moyersoen (Steve Driesen), a customs agent, drives a ring for stolen jewellery, and the commoner he manages to seal off his illegally obtained goods, Tony, is absent. He instructs his sister Donna (Magaly Texiera) to fend off his latest find. He believes he fought with his girlfriend Marie (Dara Tromboff), the daughter of Anne-Françoise (Valerie Bodson), who owns the camp.

Kevin felt trapped and asked to catch his breath. He goes to town to buy marijuana and finds a wrestling match/party. Marie, who thought it was Tony, poured the beer over his head. But even when he saw it was someone else, they were immediately attracted.

He gives her something better than grass, and after Donna threatens her, they bike to a wooded lake. If MDMA runs, they do the things MDMA children do. Kevin dives into the lake, still high, and finds an underwater cave the following day. And sees a woman with a precious stone who gives him a handful of the diamonds.

When Furet finds him and also drags him back to the camp, Kevin lets his friend into the secret. Furet wanted to see where he got the diamonds from to ensure he didn’t leave any evidence. However, when they returned to the underwater cave. Kevin knew that the situation was not as ideal as it seemed at the time.

Coyote is hard to deal with after the first episode:

Because capers adjust until we get to the end of this episode. The rest of the cast gets familiar accents, from team leader Mongoose (Sarah Berr). And her quest to establish herself to the newfound religious fervour of another girl in the group, Panda (Victoria Bluck). But now we focus on Kevin, Fure, Marie and Mark.

The show will genuinely prove itself when Kevin decides what to do with the diamonds he finds. After the first episode, he already knows that it wasn’t a magical mermaid who gave him. But someone who died or was seriously injured (maybe Tony)? And they didn’t know, but Mark was going after him.

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Another exciting part of the story is that Marie has an idea of ​​what to expect from Kevin. Will he try to protect her or return to Tony?

These questions have the potential for exciting answers and provide opportunities for other characters to develop. We hope that it will turn out excitingly as the situation develops, not stupid. Coyote starts a little slow but creates a good story for a teenager who gets greedy and then goes too deep.