“Confessions of an Invisible Girl” Review: A teenage drama comes in Brazil, who doesn’t offer anything

Netflix New Brazilian displays the movie Confessions of an invisible girl, or Confissões de Uma Garota Excluída (2021). Which is a close hit with teenage stories. About self-discovery but does not have a new one to offer. Directed by Bruno Garotti, Bintang Bintang Klara Castanho as Tete’s protagonist, Gabriel Lima as Davi, Marus Bessa as Zeca, Fernanda Concon as Valentina, and Julia Gomes.

Comedy upcoming, written by Bruno Thalita Reboucas, Flavia Lins E Silva, and Christina Oliveira. It is based on the best-selling book Confisssoes de Uma Garota, not included Mal-Amada E (Um Pouco) Dramática. And tries to be a fresh air breath. But gives up on the story Old a secondary school girl. Who felt like fish out of the water until the makeover empowered it. Everyone began to pay attention to it.

Recognition of the girl who is not visible: Is it different?

Set our protagonist wearing chunky glasses, sweating like crazy when nervous. Falling in love every time he meets a man but is an adult who is not “cool” enough to click on the click. It sounds like a courtyard created from the daughter’s diary, right?

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Even some grandmothers help grandchildren constantly encourage grandchildren to do better by being famous and having friends! It even represents the character of LGBTQ + but does not cover sub-plot characters in depth.

However, Tete is a charming protagonist that is too good to be true. Even for a girl who feels invisible in high school. He gave up with the encouragement and willingness of his family in his life.

Who often came as he was intimidated by his grandmother and his mother. He tolerated the “Mean girl” at school, and even though all the punchlines failed, he tried to be a good friend.

The film’s first half feels like a barrier. Mainly because there are so many similar films made with the same premise. And even though this film tried to suddenly take in the second half. By turning into a thriller or PG-13 documentary film. It felt like a low blow in a hurry without warning made you uncomfortable and didn’t understand.

But, certain aspects break the pattern of high school girls:

Who are desperate to move positively. One example is that finally talking about boys take responsibility! Many films show how a middle school jock has played with popular girls, enemies.

And high school in a hurry without taking accountability. In the end, the man got the girl (the waste that had wrapped around him and dripped his glasses. Now suddenly considered beautiful)! No one questioned this person about breaking so much heart. In a certain way, using the attention of the woman he got.

Only Tete in recognition from a girl who is not visible. Well, it is hands down one of the most progressive moments offered by this film.

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It won’t impress you, but it won’t disappoint you. If you are looking for adult films that feel like spending time. That, of course, explains the innate desire to be by the pressure of “who is popular?” in high school.

Social pressure, raging hormones, awkward situations and travel to build self-esteem. And love themselves are made to recognise the new liberation of a girl who is not visible.

In the main office, Tête begged that he did not record the video or play it intentionally. 

The principal asked Tête to bring his parents the next day, but Tête knew that they would force him to change school if he learned about the incident. To prove his innocence, Tête checked all videos from the party to find out the culprit.

The next day, Tête told everyone that Ms Lais accidentally recorded a video. However, Lais deliberately planted it on the Tête project drive to embarrass and dig in Valentina. When this video turned his attention, he could not help but expose Valentina evil.

According to the Naif Tête investigation, Lais’s real name is Lais Carolina Ribeiro, who lives in Rio and attends school in Sao Paulo. Valentina, who came from Sao Paulo, studied with Layak in kindergarten. 

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As a child, Valentina bluffed eight years old named Lais, making fun of weight and nose. Lais suffered from depression, and thus his parents decided to move to Rio de Janeiro for the safety of Mental Health Lais. In more than eight years, Lais loses weight, gets a nose job, and undergoes harmonizing facial surgery with his mother’s support.

In the end, Valentina realized his mistake and apologized to Tête and Lais for his actions in the past. Classmates accepted Valentina and lived happily as usual. Tête’s headmaster was very happy to have extraordinary students in his school and thus convinced Tête’s parents that he would hold to him as long as possible. Dudu cleared the misunderstanding and explained to Tête that his ex, Ingrid, was a good friend and no one cooked between them. Therefore, after confusion cleaned, Tête finally dated Dudu, and Erick got along with Samantha.