‘Cliff Walkers’ Review: A thriller that will leave you being unanswered

When the desire is urgent to make something beautiful override the desire to tell a particular story – and when you Zhang Yimou, rebound from the run-in with Chinese authority, you might possibly end up with a movie like “Cliff Walkers.”

Snowbound spy films insulated under the layers of reflecting on the same reflecting like the actors are wrapped in speckled winter feathers and fedoras. This film is the chaos of the plot wrapped in bland. The message Approved Committee but installed with beauty. Maybe it’s not to objection.

The first switcheroo in the construction of three-montees occurred before we even saw our hero faces correctly.

As in the prologue of film bonds, four parachute agents to snowy forests at night. Unlike in the prologue of bonds, the motion of the blue moonlight cold through the trees is exciting for Zhao Xiaoding, which is crispy but rich in digital cameras as WHO or why this secret infiltration. The Foursome was formed in a hurry.

Actually two couples, but after PowWow quickly. They split into a partner who exchanged partners to avoid detection on their way to Harbin nearby.

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It was the beginning of the 1930s in North-East China, in a state of the Japanese-controlled Manchukuo doll. The four communist agents, that are led by Zhang (Zhang Yi, from the “Mountains that may depart”), are on the secret mission to smuggle Escapee from Japan’s internee camp to a safe place.

Zhang paired with a young Lan that was absurdly (Liu Haocun) while Zhang Yu’s wife (Qin Hailu) attacked in another direction with Chuliang (Zhu Yawen).

Unbeknownst to them, their operations have been betrayed:

The official GAO Local Collaboration on dead-eyed (Ni Dahong) has sent its team, disguised as a communist ally, to intercept it. Zhang and LAN “made” their contacts as soon as enemies.

Which lead to the struggle that is shot beautifully in the forest. Action coordinator Jung Doo is probably the Stealth MVP film that provides a liquid battle scene but can be trusted. Three characters end in the Caterpillar configuration The strangulation in a small train compartment.

Yu and Chulangang, still trust their helpers, even though they work for Gao. Depending on where you sit, double agent, triple agent or maybe Crosser Quadruple? Who knows, maybe the turtle gets down.

Unknown loyalty from a double agent forms the core dynamic of the two newest films in the genre: “Wife Spy” Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Kim Jee-Woon “Shadow.”

But here, the effort in a similar character-building feels half-hearted. Some scenes made involved children who Zhang and Yu have separated from the previous year; Yu said after meeting Chuliang during training in Russia; Zhang used to be a reporter.

But most of the scenario, co-written by Zhang Yimou and Quan Yongxian, keeping the character with arm length, throwing human drama for many Turncoats in Trenchcoats playing robes and daggers.

Where Zhang stipulates the seal in the Thriller espionage period in sensual details:

The fabrics and costumes, harmonica motifs of Morricone Ennio style from Cho Young Wuk Score. The production designer Lin MU location is neat. From bookstores to the cinema to the house left so that it is spooky.

So that “even the ghost will not haunt him”. There is a terrible torment scene and luxurious sets, such as the pursuit of cars through the Refused Harbin streets.

And there was a touch of inspired spycraft involving poison pellets. Hidden weapons and killers with a look forward to continue smoking the victim’s cigarettes. From the car window so that the supervisors did not occur.