Cinema Bandi Movie Review: It is a charming Ode to make a film

Through a simple narrative, Praveen Kandregula wants its audience to see that the whole cinema is about making dreams come true, no matter how small or their magnitude.

Netflix New Telugu Movie Cinema Bandi is a love letter for cinema. The film is located in a remote village, far from all the comforts received by city residents. Life is simple in rural areas, and villagers resigned with their fate. They did not expect the government to increase their living standards.

At least that’s what Ganapati (Sandeep Varanasi), which moves automatic rickshaw in his village to make a living, believe.

When he returned home after work that day:

He found an expensive backpack behind his vehicle. One of his passengers had left him. The following day, we know that the bag contains an upscale camera. How high are you asking?

“This is a camera used to photograph Mahesh Babu and Prabhas films,” explained Veerababu (Vikas Vasistha), a famous photographer in the village and a close friend of Ganapati.

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“What about the Pawan Kalyan film?” Whether Ganpathi’s response seems to believe that the camera only has value if used to photograph Pawan Kalyan films. That is the respect enjoyed by film stars among their fans.

The ignorance and innocence are what makes people in the village content with what life serves them. This usual victory gets a wave with the discovery of the camera. It encourages Ganapati to aspire to a better lifestyle and give him ambition.

He decided to photograph a film that would produce Rs 100 Crore Profit at the box office. And so it happened (note how he did not doubt the film to blockbuster), Ganpathi promised to repair the road, regulate electricity all the time and rebuild the school in his village.

But said easier than done correctly? So it starts. Ganapati and Veerababu set out to make films in their village. And what happens is an entirely rooted humour supply in reality.

Amid all the moments of laughing hard, there are also heartfelt moments that will make your eyes properly. You don’t tear sadness because of their struggle. It is more like water in tears.

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Thank you for reviving our faith in the virtues of innocence, honesty and joint joy from the cinema.

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K, known as Raj and DK from Family Man Fame, have produced a bandi cinema. Praveen Kandregula, a debutant, led it.

Among the actors, the Uma was consistently good in the film, and so did Rag May, who played Maridesh Babu, who impressed you with his small charm. Trishara, who played Divya, left a good impression with his appearance.

And then, there are two main actors, Vikas Vasishta as Veerababu and Sandeep Varanasi as Ganapati, which folded films with their sincerity and innocence. They not only support each other but genuinely believe that their film will make them famous.

Bandi cinema is deeply rooted in its environment, so it is not difficult to empathize with characters. Credit goes to film writers Vasanth Marigenti, Krishna Pratyusha, and Praveen themselves.

This indie film remains loyal to his character and the world that explores that he leaves a positive vibration even when some supplies, such as camera searching, do not hold enough.

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Praveen Kandregula changes the action to make the film a framework for connecting people to dream of a shared dream. Veerababu set out to change his world at the beginning of the film. And by doing that, he became a hero who was impossible, who never gave up. Isn’t that who defines filmmakers too?