Cargo Netflix India Release: Premiere Date, Trailer, Cast, And Plot

Have you ever felt that some actors and their work seem like a fresh monsoon breeze? Or felt the music so comforting, it almost feels like a mother’s hug?

Likewise, have you ever witnessed a storyline so new and endearing that it becomes love at first sight? If not, then Cargo may be your first such experience! 

It is not an exaggeration, believe us! If you don’t believe us, watch the trailer right now! You will get a beautiful picture of what we mean! 

One the first look, the movie seems like a sci-fi comedy with a tinge of romance. But there is more! Going in and out of concepts like life after death, demons mixed with the 21st-century technology, Cargo sure scores full marks for ingenuity.

Today in this article, we discover the plot and the production of the movie. If you have a keen interest in knowing the Release Date, Cast, Plot, and how the director came up with this concept, read on.

How Was Cargo Born: 

The writer and director of the movie, Aarti Kadav, got the idea for this plot in 2017. She was working on the pre-production of a film, and even after working for six months on it, it never gets a chance to air.

Angry at the cancellation of her Film, Aarti decided to write another script. Hence, Cargo was born. She has made quality short films in the past, like The Time Machine. This time she decided to write a movie based in a spaceship that also delves into Indian mythology at the same time. Touching sensitive issues like life after death mixed with comedy and sarcasm, the Film packs a punch in its message.

They were using two spaceship sets for outside and inside shooting. The movie was shot for ten days outside of the sets as well. The technology which the movie is showcasing is from the 1980s. The creator of the movie believes that she wanted it to look endearing. Hence, it didn’t go for the look of modern technology.

Premiere Date:

The shooting of this movie was done away within the year 2018. The schedule was to release it on 19th October 2019. Due to some unavoidable difficulties, it did not happen. Now Netflix has decided to release it on 9th September 2020. It is a one hour 44 minute (approx) watch. It will be up for streaming on Netflix just two days from now, i.e., 9th September.

Plot For Cargo:

The movie is in a spaceship called Pushpak 634 A. A demon named Prahastha is working there whose job is to provide “Post Death Transition” services to the dead people. He checks up on their health, erases their memory, and makes them ready for a new life. After living in the spaceship alone for a long time, he finally gets a helper. In other words, a female astronaut is sent to aid him in recycling dead people for rebirth.

The Main Cast Of Cargo:

The cast of the Film is:

  • Vikrant Massey is playing the demon Prahastha.
  • Shweta Tripathi is playing the female Astronaut Yuvishka Shekhar.
  • Nandu Madhav plays a pivotal role,
  • while Konkana Sen Sharma has a cameo appearance in the movie.


Though being completed in 2018, the movie is coming to the OTT platform on 9th September. The trailer was also made a long time ago when the movie premiered for the 2019 MAMI Film festival. But today, on 7th September 2020, Netflix finally released Cargo’s trailer. It is beautiful. If you haven’t watched it yet, it is available on YouTube. Do give it a watch!