“Britney vs Spears” Review: Surely not made with the purpose of pleasing his fans in mind

This documentary, directed by Erin Lee Carr. Which aims to explore the struggles of today’s pop stars. To escape the conservatism led by her father, who controls her life. The document rotates, discussing Spears’ divorce from Kevin Federline and her time. As an object of tabloid interest, complemented. By an embarrassing paparazzi video of Spears at an unstable time in 2007.

Voices of characters from Spears’ past:

People including former manager Sam Lutfi and the paparazzi, former Adnan Galib, came first. And a text message from Spears reserved for Galib’s production played on screen. At some point, late at night, we heard a voicemail. That Spears left a lawyer in 2009 to help ensure she didn’t lose access to her children.

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This informal document feels too long after more than 90 minutes. Because it’s unclear what exactly Carr and his partner Jenny Eliscu were trying to say about Spears.

Contrary to the title of the film, the film sometimes focuses on Carr and Eliscu. The couple – the documentary filmmaker and journalist. Who has played Spears – both step in front of the camera and their work investigating Spears’.

The history is dramatized with footage by clicking classified files or shuffling documents. Eliscu is very emotionally involved in Spears’ case, but more often than not. The interactions between Carr and Eliscu are so focused. On the thrill of discovery. That they forget the person they want to help with their work.

But when they become characters in the story:

The two reporters emphasize how little new information they receive. It might not be fair that even though they started working on this project years ago.

They were completely outmatched by the New York Times-produced “Framing Britney Spears”, but that’s the truth. The Times documentary and its brutally effective follow-up released last weekend helped bring the story out to the public.

As a result, Carr’s work only amplifies or adds to the details of what is known. Additionally, Britney Spears’ framing is done with great sensitivity to the subtleties of Spears’ suffering and fundamental ideas. About how it is being abused by culture even before her conservatism begins.

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The pivotal moment in Britney vs Spears comes when Eliscu expresses disgust at Spears’ situation. “He is compensated, he has privileges and his father rules.” carr’s answer? “That’s patriarchy.”

That’s certainly not wrong! But this is also the first and most straightforward thought. That anyone has of a superstar woman living under her father’s tutelage. And the documentary’s desire to settle for simple conclusions about Spears’.

History means it gives meaning to more complicated things. Like what it meant for Spears and the rest of us. The discussion about their current lack of freedom. In the case of this project means that we have to look back.

When we look at his past scandals. (Spears himself said that he felt uncomfortable documenting his life:

Which is not the only consideration for journalists. Given that these projects offer a wealth of experience to work on Spears’ interests.

This should be an obvious irony as the film plays the role of an electric Spears. Early testimony the year in which he pleaded, “I just want my life back”. If this documentary will play a role in speeding up the process. It also confirms that the path to rebuilding their lives is through Netflix, Carr, and Eliscu will bite it first.

The temptation to dig deeper into the Spears case is understandable. Her story is fascinating – both for the opportunity. To convey incredible insights into our culture and for the details. About a woman who was incredibly charismatic, talented, and relentlessly abused. When you consider what was done to Britney Spears, you can see that the two threads are unbreakable.

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So many well-meaning observers and commentators. But the story so far has been told effectively. And as she watches the culture industry try to find new ways to package and capitalize on Spears’. The humiliation and pain, she remembers 2007 and 2008 very vividly. When she metabolized for more content than she had ever clearly heard.